Made Tens of Thousands of Dollars with Soccer Gambling but still trying to figure a way to make money off those Online Debates

Hamid Mid from Medan, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that the articles don’t pull off as many backlinks as they once did, no matter how good they are. He claims that they are a very popular phenomena to pull backlinks from the Discord and Slack Chat Groups, but those backlinks don’t count on the search engines, never did.

Hamid writes that it is a pity that the articles related to celebrities and politicians still garner a lot more backlinks and shares than the non-commercial, informative articles that really make sense and improve your life for the better unlike the celebrity news or politics.

Hamid believes that it is both a good and a bad thing that the tech audience is not very dissimilar to the normal audience nowadays and they are as likely to bet on official soccer gambling websites (situs judi bola resmi) as their non-tech counterparts.

Hamid claims that the Google is biased towards YouTube when it comes to ranking videos on the Google Search Engine. He believes that the Google has been jealous of the Vimeo and MetaCafe since Day 1 as both these websites initially used to have better algorithms compared to the YouTube.

Hamid believes that it is a wiser decision on the part of the Billion Dollar corporations to invest their advertising money on the Television ads over the YouTube ads.

Hamid is happy that online debates are more popular than ever before, especially on Discord, Chatango and Slack Chat Groups and he says that he is still figuring out a way to make money off those debates.

The small community of Iranian Sikhs love to bet on this football site which is considered the best by most Iranians

Abbas Azar from Ahvaz City, Iran, is a General Practitioner who claims on his blog that the Sindhi people of India and Pakistan have more cases of angina each year than any other ethnicity with the same strength of population.

Abbas believes that there is a cure mentioned in the Hadiths, we just haven’t been able to discover it yet. He claims to have been trying his best to understand those cures which he believes have been mentioned in the Hadiths.

Abbas writes that the Sikhs around the world have the least fetal and infant death rates and that includes the small community of Sikhs that lives in his country – Iran.

Abbas also adds that the Sikhs are as likely to bet on the best Iranian football betting website (بهترین سایت شرط بندی فوتبال) as their ethnic Iranian counterparts.

Abbas writes on his blog that the children born as a result of interracial marriage or relationship are more likely to have immensely weak bones than the ones born to the parents belonging to the same race. He believes that this is one of the reasons why some of the most ancient human civilizations, especially the ones belonging to the Middle-East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa refrained from having interracial marriages and history tells us that some of the tribes even had laws against such interracial marriages.

Abbas claims on his blog that for the first time in the history of mankind, the adult men and women are equally likely to have blood pressure related disorders. He adds that it used to be 600% more among the men earlier but not at all so anymore.

Iranian Author Religiously follows his Religion but still cannot stop bet since found Football Prediction 2

Farshid Jahani from Yazd, Iran, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Green Mythology. I read the book and I really enjoyed it.

In his book, Farshid claims that the comedians of the 5th century BC Greek were far more funny than the comedians we have had in the past 500 years globally.

Farshid also claims in his book that the God Indra and all his subordinates in Hinduism are a concept taken from the Greek Mythology.

Farshid also writes that the poem Odyssey is not a reliable source for knowing and understanding the Greek Mythology. He adds that it is a shame that most of the historians have used it as the foremost source for understanding the Greek Mythology and Culture for so long.

Farshid claims in his book that Plato was never familiar with any version of the Orphic Theogony, it is a mere myth that he was.

In his book, Farshid claims that many Ancient Greeks believed that the child born out of incest was healthier than the one who was not.

Farshid believes that Varro was absolutely spot-on when he argued that whereas the superstitious man fears the gods, the truly religious person venerates them as parents.

Farshid writes that the Theogonic-Cosmogonic poem of Orpheus that the Greek historians claim existed back during the 5th century BC was in fact a poem belonging to the Zarathustran Persia of those times instead.

Farshid writes that the Romans accepting Zeus as one of their chief gods is the proof enough that the Romans used to be a lusty, mischievous and promiscuous people.

Farshid writes on his official blog that the only mischief that he does which goes against his religion is betting on football websites using Football Prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2).

GP from Todd County spends 90 minutes of each day exercising and 90 minutes betting online

Dr Kingston Callaway is a General Practitioner from Todd County, South Dakota, who claims that the children born in 2015 were the healthiest children born in this entire decade. His wife also gave birth to triplets in the very same year and he says that they are healthier than the single one his wife gave birth to back in 2012.

Dr Kingston Callaway believes that his income as a doctor is not good enough for the future of his children and that’s the reason why he likes to spend an hour everyday reading today football prediction and another half betting on football websites.

Dr Kingston Callaway doesn’t agree with Indian guru OSHO’s claim that the children born during the peak of solar cycle are more rebellious, healthier and better looking than the ones born otherwise. Dr Kingston Callaway says that it is a pure myth that has no basis.

Dr Kingston Callaway claims that family business owners are most prone to obesity. He advises such family business owners to exercise at least 90 minutes a day if they wanna be perfectly healthy.

Dr Kingston Callaway claims that the doctors hailing from the small towns and villages all across the world work harder than their counterparts coming from big cities.

Dr Kingston Callaway also claims that the models who starve themselves to stay thin and indulge in drugs, have been coming up with diseases lately that go way beyond anorexia and the medical field doesn’t even have a name for those.

There is no virtue in buying the Virtual Glasses but there is tons of virtue in Monitoring a Website

Anthony Carcillo is an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Miami, Florida, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that because of the drug culture and other negative things that Miami has become popular for since the late 1970s, they don’t trust the SEO companies or content writers from Miami. He also believes that the nightlife of Miami is extremely overrated.

Anthony started off in the SEO business with creating and selling link farms and he says that it is a pity that there used not be websites like back in the day.

Anthony believes that the Republic of China will start ruling the SEO industry as well and soon enough so. He believes that what has been stopping them is their lack of fluency in the English language in general and also that they don’t have a Google or Youtube in the country. He believes that as soon as they get both, they will achieve the leadership in the internet and that will give them

Anthony Carcillo has always stood to his belief which has been proven to be scientific several times which is – Size Matters in SEO, whether it be the size of your images, videos or content.

Anthony Carcillo is not a conspiracy theorist but he claims that buying Virtual Glasses is one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves as human beings. He believes that the Virtual Glasses is a part of a propaganda by the elites to weaken our eyesight and frontal lobe. Hence, his quote “There is no virtue in buying the virtual glasses.”

New Delhi Urologist has several tips to improve your urological health but to improve your financial health, he only recommends the Matka Guru

Dr Mehul Dwivedi is an Urologist from the capital of India – New Delhi, who is infamous for extraordinary claims on the official blog of his practice.

Dr Mehul Dwivedi writes on his blog that the Israelis, Iranians and Iraqis, all share a great deal of similar diseases, and he believes that perhaps it has something to do with the Babylonian rule in Israel and them living in very close contact with each other for over 70 long years. He adds that the Baghdadi Jews have been living with the original Babylonians for centuries now.

Dr Mehul Dwivedi writes on his blog that those who take a lot of sun tan are less likely to suffer with urological diseases. He claims that many of the urological diseases are relatively unknown in some countries of Africa and the Mediterranean region. He adds that as much as the sun tan is good for a person’s health, especially the urological health, extreme sunny days are as bad for a person’s health as well.

Although Dr Mehul Dwivedi nowhere mentions that betting on Matka can improve any person’s urological or general health, betting on the Matka Guru has drastically improved the financial health of Dr Mehul’s and that of several of his patients as well.

Dr Mehul Dwivedi writes on his blog that the practitioners of Zen Buddhism are least likely to get any sort of urological diseases for the reasons unknown, which he himself claims to be working hard to find out.

Dr Mehul and his wife both love children, although they are yet to become parents. His wife owns a popular toy store in one of the most prominent neighborhoods of New Delhi. She writes on her toy store’s blog that she is glad that the kids are now more environment friendly than ever before and they love to buy environment friendly toys even without their parents telling them to do so.

This GP from Makassar has at least 5000 deposited on his favorite online poker all the time so that he could enjoy some good bets on the Sundays

Dr Herman Suherman is a General Practitioner from Makassar, Indonesia, who writes on his blog that it is a pity to see so many paid advertisements on the newspapers, internet, magazines, etc for the doctors. He believes that never before did the doctors around the world behaved so unethically, especially when it came to exposing themselves to the potential patients.

He claims that never before did doctors lose all their ethics like they have done in the past one decade.

He believes that if it keeps going on like this, soon enough, the term ‘patient’ will become an obsolete one and they will only use the term ‘customer’ or ‘client’ to refer to their visitors instead. He goes to the extent of saying that perhaps by 2060, the term ‘patient’ will be as unfamiliar to that day’s young generation as the English dialect belonging to the Dark Ages is to most of the English speakers of this era.

Dr Herman Suherman has written it more than once on his blog that till date he hasn’t been able to understand the reason why Sunday is usually the least busy day at his practice and it is on Sundays when he prefers to pursue his most favorite hobby of all times – playing poker, he always has at least Poker Deposit 5000 at his most favorite website. He writes that it is going to be this way till he is single.

Although Dr Suherman claims himself to be an atheist, he sounds like a religious person each time he states that people with a good character are less prone to getting ill compared to their counterparts with not-so-good character.

All Chasha Bellamy does is win win win no matter what

Chasha Bellamy is never willing to provide any of her personal information online at all and she does the same when it comes to spending some time doing romancing with her most favorite hobby and that is gambling online. Chasha loves to play poker, domino qui qui, judi slot online. Her current most favorite among these three is online slots which she discovered while browsing some blogs in Indonesian language. Chasha cannot thank me enough because she has been extremely lucky with online slots and there is no possibility that she would have discovered it if she didn’t read that post where I mentioned about Indonesian online slots in 2019.

Chasha owns several online forums and blogs and she never uses her real name on any of those. She always chooses a pseudonym or a fake name to protect her identity. All her blogs and forums are WHOIS privacy protected as well.

Chasha owns a recycled products brand as well and she uses the name of those brands sometimes instead of a username in order to promote them.

I myself cannot recall the last time that I used my real name on an online forum. The only forums where I choose to use my real name is a private forum where roughly only 200 members are allowed to post or browse. We all use our real names there, it is just like a secret society.

Using your real name on a car or a real estate forum is not okay either. I used to use my real name on car and real estate forums earlier but they were selling my personal information to a third party.  I started getting so many spam calls, emails, Whatsapp messages, SMS offering services related to cars and real estate.

Bangkok Urologist makes more money staying idle at her practice than she does staying busy

Dr Silvie Lee is an Urologist from Bangkok, Thailand, who claims on her practice’s official blog that urinating immediately before bed can help avoiding several diseases and infections, not only urology related, but several others as well. She claims to have cured several of patients that suffered with Balanitis, UTIs and other infections through diuretics only.

Dr Silvie Lee claims to have studied a lot of diseases that are uncommon among the vegetarians and when it comes to the vegetarian, one think of India as the first thing. After studying the kidney stones among the Indians for years, Dr Silvie Lee has come to the conclusion that the ever rising cases of the kidney stones among the Indians has to do with the spicy Indian diets and also the unhygienic foods that they serve at the roadside vans, stalls and other petty restaurants in India. She still stands to her belief that a vegetarian diet is the best for your kidney health.

Dr Silvie Lee also claims to have been doing a great research on the urology related and other cures mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and Ayurvedic texts. She writes that so far, most of those have come up as useless.

Dr Silvie Lee claims that due to several different infections and disorders caused due to dehydration in the summers, she sees more patients during the summer season than any other season but surprisingly enough, in the summer seasons, she makes the least amount of money compared to any other season, because those are the times when she is unable to play baccarat online, the biggest source of her income.

Johan Knoch, a General Store owner from Batam, claims that IDNplay Poker is the only thing that has been keeping him sane

Johan Knoch is the owner of a General Store in Batam, Indonesia, who believes that the importance of the General Stores is greatly underrated in modern times when everything is about exclusivity and flab. He writes on his blog that only an angel can save the General Store Industry. He further adds that it is a pity that Amazon’s founder is the world’s richest man while the owners of the General Stores around the world find it hard to survive.

Johan claims on his blog that the feminist looking middle-aged women argue a lot and are so arrogant that it is unbelievable. Although he himself supports the feminist movements, he finds the feminist women too hard to endure, and to take his mind-off the desperation of the small General Stores like his to make money, arrogant customers, etc, he once in a while enjoys a game of IDNplay Poker, which has proven to be extremely effective to till date for the purpose he mainly uses it for.

Johan writes on his blog that it is another pity that some buyers are like, if the place is too crowded, they complain about how they can’t get in and when there is no crowd, they tend to think that the store is a flop one.

General Physician from Clarksville believes that online casinos are more fun and healthy than any other recreational activity for adults

Dr Neil Middleton is a General Physician from Clarksville, Tennessee, who believes that each adult will have all the information required the drugs for any condition that doesn’t require surgery by the financial year 2067. He further added on the official blog of his practice that the reason why he doesn’t want any of his sons or grandchildren to become physicians is the same. He says that he wouldn’t mind if any of them becomes surgeon.

Dr Neil Middleton claims on his blog to have been doing a great deal of research on ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ lately. He claims that the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the most misunderstood diseases on the planet. He writes on his blog that he nowhere denies the harms that drinking alcohol of a mother during pregnancy has on a baby’s health, but he also is not willing to take it as the Medical Unions have been selling it. Dr Neil writes on his blog that the mothers all across the world that are aware or unaware of the harms that drinking alcohol has on a baby’s health have been known to give birth to perfectly healthy babies and hence, the Medical Unions have been doing a great injustice to the society and the medical profession in general by attributing the brain damage, deformities, skin disorders, etc, to mother’s drinking of alcohol.

Dr Neil wrote on his blog that once a regular patient of his, who recently became mother told to him that she gave birth to a child with severe brain damage and the gynecologist in charge told to her that the brain damage happened just because she drank alcohol only twice when she was pregnant. Dr Neil added that he was disgusted after reading this. Dr Neil also added that he never drank or smoke once in his life and he is not advocating drinking alcohol at all. He further added that drinking alcohol is not his thing but online casinos is, which he is too proud and happy about, thanks to free casino bonus codes.

Dr Neil has mentioned on the same blog of his more than once that he claims on the same blog of his that the ancient Indian texts are full of women drinking alcohol (somarasa) and nowhere a story pops in the Hindu texts where the mother gave birth to a deformed kid just because she used to drink alcohol.

Papillon dog lover never bets in the afternoons but she cannot resist the same in the night

Sakina Bocek is a businesswoman who currently owns two companies, one that manufactures fishing equipment and another that manufactures squash, badminton and tennis rackets.

Sakina is a dog lover who is currently obsessed with Papillon dogs and owns five of those including both males and females

Sakina believes that being creative doesn’t only make you money but it makes your inner soul happy and ecstatic as well. During summers, Sakina stays up at the nights but sleep in the afternoons during the hot summer days because she literally feels that the sun rays suck creativity and we exchange energies with the sun. Sakina says that the sun is not merely the provider of energy but it is a receptor of energy as well.

Sakina was born a Muslim but after learning Buddhism, she converted to Buddhism. Sakina claims that Buddhism is the only religion of the future and the children that grow up in Buddhist environment turn up to be very noble, intelligent and disciplined. Sakina goes to the extent to claim that the only religion that has no problem with the NASA and the similar organizations is the Buddhism.

Sakina recalls the funny moment when she met her husband for the first time. When Sakina saw her husband for the very first time, he was wearing orange pants and red shirt, Sakina thought that the guy is some idiot but she later found out that the guy is the CEO of a major company. Let me tell you the whole story, Sakina was at the Burger King when she saw this tall and handsome guy wearing orange trousers and a red shirt, Sakina couldn’t stop her laughter looking at this guy, he was confused due to some business issue at that time, he decided to refresh his mood and when he saw Sakina laughing, he decided to talk to her, Sakina was amazed at the wonderful communication skills of this guy whom she was thinking was made just a few minutes ago, they exchanged numbers and here they are after 3 years – husband and wife.

Sakina is an online gambling freak and the more dollars she wins, the more addicted she gets to the game of 512jbb, Sakina is a regular reader of gambling blogs like PhotoBooksNow as well.

Talented oil painters says that she doesn’t need to sell paintings anymore as she makes more money than most painters with online poker

Laure Lagunova has read most of Hindu mythology in her 40 years of life as she was always obsessed with India and Hinduism since she was a little kid. Laure claims that the King Dashratha of Ayodhya – the father of Rama and his 3 brothers, was 120 years old when Rama (his first son) was born. Laure believes that the story of Rama and Ravana is real and most of Hindu mythology is not mere mythology but an over-exaggerated reality.

Although Laure is so obsessed with India and Hinduism, her favorite tourist spot of all time is Kuala Lumpur.

Laure’s most favorite song of all time is “Stay with me” by Teddy Pendergrass and she loves it more with some Miami Vice video featuring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

One of Laure’s brothers is one of the most prolific sellers in the Art posters category on eBay. He makes over 25, 000 USD with his eBay business and he sells nothing but only art related stuff. Laure’s brother boasts about never doing anything unethical on eBay and never trying to bluff or befool eBay by creating stealth accounts or any such thing.

Laure herself is an oil painter and one of the most underrated oil painters of all time. Laure says that only a few art lovers can understand the value and preciousness of her art and reaching such people is a very hard work. Laure has been using her painting to decorate the walls of her own house and those of her friends and family. Laure has been successfully making a lavish living winning bets on pokerclub88.

Laure’s maternal grandfather was perhaps the greatest scenery artist in the history of Macedonia who was killed for creating a painting depicting the bad situation of the nation of Macedonia due to its mean and evil rulers. A small section of Macedonia’s painters and even a smaller section of the global painters still celebrate his birthday and mourn on the day he was hanged.

Automotive engineer, enthusiast and blogger bets on Fun888 regularly

Viplov Shergill is an automotive engineer who has been working on building a motorcycle suspension that will never bottom out. Viplov is an automobile enthusiast herself who drives a 1972 Morris Minor. Along with being an automotive engineer and enthusiast, Viplov is an auto blogger as well. Viplov says that it is time when Fiat should sell out Fiat and Maserati as she believes that Fiat is not going to make any profit till an apocalyptic event take place. Viplov even goes to the extent of saying that forget about seeing a profit, the Fiat is only going to see upward movement in the losses.

Viplov says that voice command system in the cars is a pure gimmick and drains so much energy. Instead of creating voice command systems, the car companies should focus on creating more reliable back seat controls. Viplov says that she knows thousands of men and women that own luxury car but she knows none who uses voice command system.

Even though Viplov is very critical of the voice command systems, she says that Ford’s voice control system is the most reliable and user-friendly of all.

Being from India herself, Viplov is a huge critic of the people of India, the nation as a whole, their culture and tradition. Viplov says that the Indians are low IQ people that lack creativity and all the oldest industrialists of India being of Persian or Jewish origin is the proof. Jewish industrialists and big business personalities left India for Israel or other countries but the Persians still continue to rule the business world of India.

Viplov is very critical of the Hindu religion and claims the same to be one of the worst pagan religions and no challenge to the monotheistic religions.

Viplov is a gambling freak as well who regularly bets on fun888 like no other that you know of and also wins there like no other that you know.

Fitness freak, struggling entrepreneur, bet winner, meet Genana Bonnay

Genana Bonnay drinks what she calls green shake everyday – 2 small apples, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1 cucumber, about 2 cups of water and lemon juice.

According to Genana, all the top business people that she knows follow the ten commandments as were told to Moses. She says that each of those top business people is an institution in himself/herself.

Genana works from her kitchen table presently but she hopes to reach the top as soon as possible and she has successfully started avoiding all the distractions, gossiping and the other stuff that she found was acting as a barrier to her success after watching a Jeff Bezos interview.

Genana is very clear about what she wants in her life, she doesn’t have any dilemmas or confusions.

Genana used to work for a 5 star hotel as a chef before starting her entrepreneurial journey and that’s when she learnt to make so many distinctive dishes including watermelon rinds shake for indigestion and gas.

Genana’s all time favorite dish is Tuna fish. She also loves pumpkin seeds, black chocolate, bananas and avocados. Even though she loves all that stuff, on the regular days Genana eats only eggs and cheese to bulk up.

Genana feels tempted to drink alcohol when she doesn’t workout, she doesn’t touch alcohol anymore no matter what but she certainly feels that urge on the days she doesn’t workout and that’s why she works out 7 days a week.

Genana’s most favorite hobby is gambling online and she doesn’t do it all alone, she invites all her friends to see her win the day she plans to gamble on slot online terlengkap. When alone, the only gambling related thing that Genana does is reading gambling related blogs like

Ferrari can never build hybrid cars as good as Nissan or Honda, claims a proud Acura MDX owner and Pro Poker Player

Avery Carrington has lived in North India for a year and she hated living in this state of India called Uttar Pradesh abbreviated as UP. Avery says that the Jaat and Gurjar dominated areas in the Uttar Pradesh are full of negative vibes.

Avery recently wrote a book  with the name “God – A Illusion of the man or his strategy to keep the homo sapien a slave”, in which she wrote that we used to be cavemen once is quite evident from the completely flawed and immoral biblical characters.

Avery also wrote in the same book that the word ‘eunuch’ has nothing to do with the biblical character ‘enoch’ (the son of Abel and Cain) as is generally perceived by many.

Avery is currently building an online book store which she claims will give Amazon Kindle a run for its money.

Avery recently sponsored a survey trying to point out what makes successful people different from the unsuccessful ones. The thing that surprised Avery the most was that successful people eat a lot more seafood, eggs and avocados than their unsuccessful counterparts.

Avery’s elder sister was one of the first people to propose the idea of creating wireless chargers.

Avery claims that the people responsible for running the world have created a technology and strategy to put unspeakable humiliation on the ones who ever dare to speak the truth in the future.

Avery says that Ferrari’s claim that their upcoming hybrid cars will be as good as as their current models is an absolute lie. Avery says that there is no way that Ferrari can build a hybrid car as good as any of their Japanese counterpart. Avery counts Acura and Nissan as Ferrari’s rival as they have cars like NSX and GT-R.

Avery recently bought an Acura MDX with the money she won with betting on online poker using nothing but trusted Indonesian online poker websites (Situs Poker Terpercaya).

From a wage-earning brewer in a microbrewery to a millionaire businesswoman, Annabel Vorisek’s life changed with one bet

Annabel Vorisek recently bought a company that manufactures mudflaps and bumpers for the sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and Pick-up trucks. Annabel aims to buy a GPS Navigation products company in the near future as well.

Annabel used to work as a brewer in a microbrewery until she got lucky with an Indonesian betting company that offered her freebet tanpa deposit terbaru using which she won millions of dollars with a couple of bets.

Annabel is a car enthusiast, she only had a 1971 Nissan 240z until she won those bets but she bought a brand new Acura MDX and a Lexus LS 500 F Sport with a part of the money that she won with those bets.

Annabel has been running an auto blog for a while now where she recently posted that the diesel won’t be purposeful at all for anything by 2030. Annabel claims that the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow will be all electric, battery-run or petrol hybrid and there will be no place for the diesel vehicles.

Annabel is an amateur astrologer as well, she says that the next Vice-President of the USA will be someone who worked as a mechanic in his early 20s and he will become a Vice-President by an accident.

Annabel predicts that the General Motors will be defunct by 2028. Annabel says that the General Motors hands down beats the Ford when it comes to the car designs but it has never been able to and perhaps never will be able to beat the Ford in terms of the joy of driving and nobody cares about the General Motors’ gorgeous designs as much as they care about the Ford’s joy of driving. Annabel says that if people want to buy affordable great looking cars, they will most likely look Renaultwise.

World-class Anthropologist bought a Lamborghini Aventador with Gambling Dollars

Genya Calev is a world-class anthropologist who only likes to associate with affluent people. Genya used to get bad grades in school but she finally made it to becoming one of the best and most infamous anthropologists in the world. Genya’s life story is an example of the fact that if you have clear specific goals in your mind, nothing is impossible.

Though anthropology is Genya’s passion and she is one of the best in the field, the money that it offers was never enough to buy Genya her dream car, a Lamborghini Aventador. Genya could buy her dream car only after winning millions with playing bandar tembak ikan indonesia.

Although one of the top anthropologists, Genya uses a lot of slang words in her speech. Genya’s husband is an IT consultant by profession. Both husband and wife are trained archers and members of an archery club. Both believe that wishes are mere goals without energy behind it.

Genya’s husband has successfully tripled his income in the past 27 months. He is an optimist since birth and no matter what happens, he never fails to succeed in achieving his goals.

Genya’s sister-in-law is quite the opposite of her brother, she has PTSD episodes all the time, sometimes 15 times a day. In the December of 2017, Genya’s sister-in-law made false accusations about Genya’s husband raping her when they were both teenagers. Nobody believed her including her own children and husband. She also has those cat scratches on her face that look like serious scars.

Since recently, Genya has been researching whether the popular belief that the same sexed parent is the most powerful ideal in a child’s life is true or not.

Toolholding products manufacturer – Nanija’s business saw a great boost after she invested the winning amount in advertisements

Nanija Gun claims that only mathematical geniuses are eligible to be the world leaders. Nanija claims that the election commission of all the democratic countries are fake and the results are always predetermined either by the KGB or the CIA.

Nanija has several college counselors in her family and she says that most college counselors of the modern and developed western countries live a life that is no less luxurious than the political elite.

Nanija used to work at a call helpline before finding her own toolholding products manufacturing company. Nanija’s company saw a great boost after Nanija won a huge amount with the help of a trusted agen bandarq. Nanija invested all the money that she won in the promotion of her business and it really worked. Nanija has already earned 600% of what she invested.

Nanija always tells her fake name to the strangers, she says that it is a bad idea to tell your real name to a stranger.

Nanija follows world-politics very closely and she claims that the American President – Donald Trump made a secret deal with North Korea, the consequences of which are going to be fatal for the common people around the world.

Nanija believes in evolution but she has always been highly critical of Pangea.  Nanija says that the Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tiger are the proof that the Ice Age and Pangea are total myth and couldn’t have exist.

Nanija claims that feeding bears with onions evolves them and many of the human races are result of the same process. According to Nanija, we haven’t only evolved from the apes but from bears as well.

Nanija claims that sleeping pills existed in the prehistoric times as well and there are several proofs of the same which can be found with the help of the books.

Polygamous young man discovered Hong Kong pool games

Ona Ortega has an array of elegant friends and relatives who stay at nothing less than 5 star hotels. These friends and relatives of Ona are the life of any party and can make the most miserable person in the world feel like a VIP with their personable charm. Most of these friends and relatives are business people and their businesses have a well-established reputation which is built on their commitment to deliver top quality, reliability and products/services beyond comparison.

Ona enjoys romantic dinners, social events and exciting trips together with her boyfriend – Rashid. Ona is a sweet girl with a great sense of humor. She lets her boyfriend have multiple girlfriends as she was passed on a belief to herself by her mother that men are polygamous by nature.

One of Rashid’s girlfriend whom I will call Shemida here is a weight-loss consultant. Shemida is a flirty girl who loves to show off all her natural dimensions to Rashid by wearing designer clothes that fit her to perfection. She is the kind of girl that makes Rashid happy the moment she opens the door for him. Starting with her being impeccably dressed, showing off her delicious curves, she entices Rashid with her warm and friendly smile. Shemida is an olive skinned and dark haired half-Italian half-Persian beauty.

Shemida’s mother was recently diagnosed with the stomach cancer but that didn’t bother Shemida a bit. Shemida is quite a selfish human being.

Rashid loves to play gamble online when he has nothing else to do and most of the times he comes up as a winner. Ona recently told him about Hong Kong pools and he was unbelievably lucky enough to win a great amount as Hongkong prize money with just one chance.

Homeopathic doctor is the lucky charm for her gambler husband

Siobhan Stewart has always been very clear about where she is going. She very firmly believes that people with no sense of direction at all are intrinsically evil. She can forgive people with a limited sense of direction but people with no direction at all, she just hates them.

Siobhan is a perfect wife who is very accommodating and fun to talk with. Siobhan is also very hot in bed, kind, beautiful and so much more. Her husband is extremely lucky to have her as the companion for life. Since Siobhan came into his life, he has been winning the casino bets like never before, thanks to ベラジョンカジノ徹底攻略・登録ガイド.

Siobhan didn’t grow up in a very friendly atmosphere. She had a grandmother who once even spat on her face. She even used to call Siobhan names and degraded her whenever she got a chance to. Once she even dragged her back by the hair but Siobhan was noble enough to never disrespect her. Siobhan used to curse her behind her back when she was all alone but she never cursed or disrespected her right in her front or in front of anybody else.

Even though Siobhan’s husband never gets tired of repeating that he has been blessed with the best, Siobhan constantly rejects that statement and claims that her mother was even a better wife than her overall.

Siobhan recently completed a 3 year professional program in homeopathic medicine and health sciences. Although Siobhan doesn’t plan to open a clinic or become a full-fledged homeopathic doctor anytime soon, she claims that the program has made her life better overall by teaching her things about health she never knew before and she doesn’t regret completing the program even a bit.

Tonia Dahre is a ghostwriter, a car designer, a ceramic exporter, an adviser and an online gambler

Tonia Dahre claims that she ghostwrote several songs for the Black Eyed Peas including some of their greatest hits.

Tonia is a car designer by profession and she claims that she has designed some of the most practical gloveboxes in different SUVs of different car makes.

Tonia herself drives only Nissan, Mitsubishi or Renault when it comes to driving a diesel car because of Isuzu’s reliable and durable diesel engine.

Tonia claims that she was the one who advised the CEOs of Renault and Nissan in India to launch Renault Lodgy and Nissan Evalia in India and now after both the MPVs flopped badly in India, the CEOs of both the companies are angry with Tonia.

Tonia’s full-time business is ceramic exporting and her biggest hobby is betting online, her most favorite freebet terbaru and she has been very loyal to the same for so long.

Tonia claims that she does her ceramic business the old-school way, the only two things that are not old-school in her company are their innovative advertisements and their usage of Whatsapp only; no emails, phone calls, SMS.

Tonia claims that soon there will be cars that will run on soda instead of the gasoline, diesel, battery or electricity.

Tonia says that they are all talking about the heart of glass, heart of steel, heart of iron, heart of gold but nobody is talking about the heart of cooper. Tonia says that a heart of cooper is a type of heart that can never break no matter how big the shocks are.

Tonia says that screenwriters are biased towards women as they are most women themselves. Tonia is disappointed and angry that nobody is writing about the difficulties and complexities that men have to face day-to-day. She says that if male gender has become a forgotten gender.

Broke Bria Paget got advised by her millionaire ex-navy officer brother to bet online to become wealthy

Bria Paget is an amateur scientist who claims that the concept of Solar System is not adequate enough and one of the biggest blunders ever in the history of science.

Bria’s one and only brother – Brian is an ex-navy officer who currently manages his own chain of Maritime Studies Institute. Brian has a long history of providing job to the needy but when it came to helping his one and only sibling – Bria when she was going through tough times, Brian didn’t give her a job or anything but rather suggested that she starts betting on pengeluaran sgp.

Bria has a really big sexual appetite and although she has a 13 year old marriage going and she cannot talk and emphasize enough about how much she loves her husband, she is often found sleeping with the strangers. Bria was even caught thrice with different young gigolos.

Bria is very selective about her vehicles, electronics and wine. Bria drives only Mercedes or Porsche, when it comes to the electronics, she trusts only German brands and when it comes to wine, she only likes Masseto. She can often be found taking a sip of Masseto and betting online on her couch.

One of Bria’s companies manufactures kneecaps, one company of Bria manufactures Wheat grass, Barley Grass and other similar products; all of Bria’s companies have one thing in common and that is that they are all named after flora and fauna in one language or another.

With her absolutely unique elegant frame, soft voice and a sensual way of moving – Bria cannot get enough of intimate dates and night outs.

Once it was so that Bria herself got bored of looking so pretty and attractive all the time so she decided to turn herself ugly by changing her hair color and lots of other different similar stuff but that ended up in making her look even more sexually attractive.

MPV lover rich lady keeps buying new MPVs with that UFA money

Miriam Colbert has a strange taste when it comes to cars. She is a single rich lady but she buys only MPVs. She buys what others consider some of the most ugly vehicles but Miriam finds some hidden beauty in those.

Miriam doesn’t have any good memories of her childhood or teenage years. Her parents used to fight and argue all the time for little things. They wouldn’t miss a day when it came to destroying the peace of the house.

Miriam appreciates the finer qualities of life. She has been learning Hindi and Thai for the last couple of years. She has become almost fluent in Thai but she is still struggling with Hindi. She can read and write Thai with almost no issues and she is a regular reader of gambling blogs and places regular bets on UFA as well.

Miriam keeps watching car review videos to help herself learn the Hindi language. She recently watched the review of Renault Lodgy – one of the most popular cheap MPVs in India by Namaste car. She couldn’t stop laughing at the voice and accent of the reviewer. He sounded like a lazy hockey commentator, she even started feeling sleepy after listening to him for a while.

Miriam attributes most of the modern day diseases to the pollution. She even attributes the low testosterone epidemic to the pollution. The average testosterone levels have been dropping off dramatically in the last 40 years, it is a proven scientific fact and Miriam attributes it all to pollution. If you ask me personally, I would say that junk food, masturbation addiction, pornography, men letting themselves dominated by women, etc are responsible for the decreasing testosterone levels.

I personally eat lots of aphrodisiacs and and I don’t do it for a better sexual adventure but instead to raise my testosterone levels and creativity.

Edita Forman is one of the major players in the Canadian timber industry due to the Online Casinos

Edita Forman used to be a small wood and timber trader situated in Markham, Ontario until she wanted to expand her business without taking any loan or borrow money from friends or family members, Edita is a great believer of the proverb “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and it has only come true for her each time. Edita prayed to the god for an entire week before sleeping for more than 2 weeks and requested god to tell her some solution that can make her expand her business in the dream, on the 14th night, the god told her in one of her dreams that she will make more than enough money to expand her business if she starts betting on คาสิโนออนไลน์ which Edita did and here she is, currently Edita has more than 5 offices for her wood and timber business and is one of the richest immigrant wood and timber businessperson in Canada.

In her spare time, Edita reads history and writes her opinion on her popular history and politics blog about what she personally thinks on certain topics. Edita has written several controversial posts on her blog including a post in which she claimed that the homo sapiens evolved from the monkeys in the modern day Arab countries and not the African continent.

Edita once wrote that many of the same exotic animals being only limited to India and Africa is one of the biggest proofs that Pangea is true.

When once Edita wrote on her blog that the farmers of India are way behind the farmers of the rest of the world because most Indians hate new challenges, technology and innovations.

Edita sounded like a conspiracy theorist when she wrote that all the hardcore humanitarians that really cared about the world have been destroyed and plundered by the Illuminati.

Marketing and Advertising entrepreneur is an ItuQQ lover and now wants to buy her first lottery

Jina Kendall follows the world politics very closely and she is amazed to see the ignorance on the part of the Indians when they bash Pakistan which once used to be a Hindu empire called Sindh. Jina says that before bashing the land of Pakistan, the Indians need to get their facts right and know that the modern Pakistan used to be once the place where their ancestors lived for over 5000 years. Jina says that it is very normal and expected for the Indians to bash the state of Pakistan but they sound so stupid when they make fun of the land of Pakistan because in reality it once used to be the pride of all Southeast Asia.

Jina hates the celebrity culture and she always stays away from the celebrity news as she believes that it sucks up her vital energy and makes her dumber.

Jina is a Business Marketing Executive and one of the founders at a Marketing and Advertising company. Jina’s business has been doing pretty well since the day it started off.

One of Jina’s favorite hobbies is betting on trusted ItuQQ websites and why shouldn’t be it. She comes out as a winner 3 out of 5 times on an average.

Jina has been thinking about buying lottery tickets as well for a while as it has become so easier with the advent of the internet but she has a phobia against buying lottery tickets as one of her uncles went broke by buying lotteries. Jina says that her uncle was stupid enough to buy any lottery ticket and she doubts that he would have gone broke if he were some smart guy.

Frida Mitsoko loves Thailand, Buddhism, Gambling and her brother – Clarence loves Abrahamic religions and chastity

Frida Mitsoko plays the game called PUBG like a savage. Frida was never such a gamer before, the only game that she liked before was the GTA Liberty City but she didn’t play that like a savage though she was a child back then.

Frida has some strange observations or beliefs like she claims that gay people have higher IQ than their straight counterparts. Frida says that people with my way or the highway approach need mental or psychological treatment rather than a following.

Frida is a great believer of the Buddhism and to understand Buddhism and Buddhists more, she reads blogs like regularly.

Frida has a brother named Clarence. Clarence claims that self-discipline and self-control are the most underrated qualities in the modern times. He recently tried to commit suicide because he failed the No Nut November (a NoFap challenge).

Clarence claims that instead of getting more wise, a person becomes more stupid with age if he/she grows up with stupid and unpleasant people around.

Clarence also that relationships can make a person stronger or worse depending upon the kind of the person that you are in a relationship with and several other factors.

Clarence doubts that he is an illegitimate child because he doesn’t look like his father and his mother looks too slutty to never cheat on her husband.

Clarence says that Dutch people are the fittest for DJing and composing music.

Clarence claims that during the ancient times and before the Muslims took control of Persia, Persian people used to be the most indulgent people on earth.

Clarence says that the current day Saudi Arabia is just like the city of Sodom back in Abraham’s time. He says the people indulge in vices with their easy earned wealth all the time in Saudi Arabia just like they did in Sodom back in the day.

Pottery wholesaler bought a Kia Stinger with those football betting Rubles

Bibian Jane is a pottery wholesaler who believes that the African nation called Chad is determined to be the most powerful and richest African nation ever. She says that the people and government of Chad have figured all the ways that they could to use their nation being landlocked as a power instead of a weakness.

Bibian is a coffee lover and can never get enough of the same. She says that the coffee never gives her any sort of a crash but instead keeps her energetic until the dusk and she can never understand what people mean when they say that drinking coffee gives them any sort of a crash.

Bibian has always said that multinational companies like coca-cola and Pepsi shouldn’t be allowed to keep their ingredients a secret.

Bibian lived in developing countries for a long while and she was amazed to find that there are no laws against the spam callers in most developing countries which results in many road accidents every day.

Bibian is very critical of the pharmaceutical companies regarding which she says that science which is originally a study of knowledge and has nothing to do with the beliefs has found its own beliefs like there is no cure to the diabetes, blood pressure issues, etc since the multinational corporations entered into the scene.

Bibian is also very critical of the alchemists. According to Bibian, “Practicing alchemy is extremely dangerous as it is merely based on expectations, hopes and stupid ideas than the real knowledge. Bibian knows several people that injured themselves badly physically due to the practice of alchemy.” Bibian recently bought a Kia Stinger with the money that she won with football gambling using the things that she learnt from an Indonesian Agen Bola.

Man left his truck-driving job after winning a huge sum with sports betting websites

Marc Hicks is an online gambling freak who recently bought a touch-up spray paint company with the money that he won with betting on FIFA55. Mark Hicks used to be a truck driver before buying this company and Mark says that his truck driver job taught him a lot that no other job could. Driving truck made Marc able to practice sexual abstinence, driving truck increased Mark’s concentration and focus span and capability, Mark also can stay silent and hungry for days.

Marc loves to read gambling related blogs in his spare time and that’s when he and his wife find the best sports betting sites.

Marc says that there was a time when he was so poor and homeless and her wife was the same. They enjoyed their honeymoon in Marc’s truck.

Marc’s wife – Jasmine is an automobile enthusiast who says that she dated 2 guys that drove Harley Davidson bikes and both of them had one thing in common and that is they were both broke and homeless. Marc and Jasmine both believe that American motorcycles are a ‘No! No!’ and the only smart bikes to purchase are the Japanese ones. They both are huge fans of Kawasaki Motorcycles.

Jasmine and Marc both agree on another thing and that is that the motorcycles with automatic transmission lack driving dynamics and the ones with manual transmission never fail to impress each of them.

Although Jasmine is an automobile enthusiast, she says that anything above a Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry or Honda Accord is a useless wastage of money mostly committed by the nouveau show-off rich men and women (mostly men).

Jasmine believes that the reason behind American and European cars’s unreliability is that their CEOs have been double-crossing the companies for a long while. Jasmine says that there is no way that American or European cars could ever be so unreliable.

Making bank and making his siblings envious without any efforts, Eka is really something

Eka Ibrahim has a habit of leaving comment on almost each Youtube video that he watches. Eka is a believer of esoteric Christianity. When Eka was unsuccessful, he wanted everyone to serve him.

Today, Eka has a super-friendly personality that makes you feel very welcome. While all the relatives and friends of Eka are planning to live for the rest of their lives on retirement funds, Eka is making banks with betting Fifa55 on ymlp307. Eka has dis-respective siblings and that’s why he has cut all the connections with them. They are always envious of Eka because he is better than all of them in almost every aspect. Once an elder brother of Eka hit him with a baseball bat for a petty mistake that he committed. He didn’t even bother to apologize later on.

Eka has a loving wife who loves to do a striptease for him, gives him an erotic massage and loves to French kiss. Eka’s wife is a naughty woman who loves to dress in hot playboy bunny costumes. She used to be an escort in North Goa back in the day and hence it is effortless for her.

Eka’s wife owns a web based business. She has a vast experience in the field as she has been in the business for over 15 years. She is also undeniably talented and skilled in her profession as well as in the bed. She belongs to a Vedic Kshatriya tribe called Duggal but she converted to Protestantism after her marriage to Eka. She spoiled many guys in her college and was one of the hottest and most popular girls in her college.

Eka always hesitates to meet new people. He doesn’t suffer from social anxiety or anything.

Proud Jewish-American woman wants infidels to be punished and gambling to be legalized everywhere

Neena Mogilevich was born to a Ukrainian Jew father and a Serbian mother in Montpelier, Vermont back in the January of 1986. In the Serbian culture, they strongly believe that a girl child born in the month of January is lucky one for the family and also a strong one. The Ukrainians or Jews do not have anything to say regarding the same.

Neena is a very strict Orthodox Jew and she dismisses the popular belief that if a child is born out of a Jewish mother then only he/she will be considered a Jew. Neena says that she is half Jew by blood and a full one by spirit. The feeling that being a chosen one gives Neena is something that Neena claims she can die for. She cannot imagine living thinking of herself as an ordinary woman, she is now addict to the belief that she is a chosen one, her father always told her that she is 100% Jew in order to raise her confidence while she was growing up and it worked even better than what her father expected.

Neena wants the infidels to be punished by the law in Israel and she has written letters to the Israeli government and many blog posts regarding the same on her own blog.

Neena values her time a lot and does her best to save time and that’s why she always has a second countdown timer on her iPod. One of the times when Neena switches that countdown timer off is when she bets online, she doesn’t like to be disturbed then or she puts it off when she is reading something serious regarding gambling on one of her favorite gambling related blogs like state champs.

Vespa scooter lover enjoys riding his Vespa even more than winning thousand dollar online bets

Qing Jeon loves riding his Vespa scooter more than anything else, even more than winning bets on his favorite Toto website. Qing has won over 600, 000 CAD within a period of 15 months betting on this particular Toto website. Where Qing loves riding his Vespa scooter more than anything else, he hates riding motorcycles and scooters of any other brand including Honda.

Qing is an automotive engineer by profession and he has worked for several different car manufacturers including Mitsubishi and Toyota. Qing says that they hand out Yoga Sutras by Swami Vivekananda to each and every employee at Mitsubishi. Qing says that he has been personally benefited by Swami Vivekananda’s Yoga Sutras whereas it seems like the same has been working negatively for the employees at Mitsubishi looking at their ever-declining sales and quality graph for the past 2 decades. Qing says that although he admits that he has been benefited a lot by Swami Vivekananda’s Yoga Sutras, he says that the people promoting the same Yoga Sutras by Swami Vivekananda sound a lot like Hindu fanatics as they over-exaggerate and over-glorify these a lot on Reddit and Quora.

Qing says that the secret behind the Toyota’s great success is that they only choose experienced and highly skilled engineers to work with them. Qing says that they check the personal background of the  CEOs, MDs and other top managers at Toyota as well to make sure that the person will not double cross them for his appetite of luxury, women and clothes. Qing says that it has been a tradition at the Toyota since the time of Kiichiro Toyoda that they refrain from promoting womanizers and whore-mongers as Kiichiro Toyoda was a huge believer in chastity and he attributed all his success to his practice of chastity and periodical sexual abstinence. Qing sees late Mr Kiichiro Toyoda as one of his greatest inspirations and heroes and he hopes to become as successful as Mr Toyoda one day.

Qing has a thing for the Israeli BBWs and this can be learnt from how frequent he is to the Tel Aviv city where he has fun with BBWs all the time. Qing really makes those BBWs sweat and lose some weight when he is in Tel Aviv. He even dated the most popular and arguably the Best Escort in Tel Aviv for a while.

Won 1.8 million USD with FIFA55 now wants to double it within a year if not a few months

Raquel Fabre is a full-time event organizer and part-time gambler. She organizes weddings quicker and better than any other wedding organizer you have ever met.

Raquel recently developed a hobby of farming. Nowadays, she has been enjoying farming more than anything else. And since she won 1.8 million USD with FIFA55 online gambling, she has been looking for ways to invest her money in a way so that she can double it within as short span of time as possible, all thanks to her fellow Mumbai Russian escort who told her about online gambling. She has been visiting farm villages all over the USA as she has been looking to learn the business opportunities with which she can make money, serve farmers and fulfill her hobby of staying in touch with the farmers and farming, all simultaneously.

Raquel has a popular blog on the internet where she posts about her researches and analysis about sexual scandals of the elite. In my opinion, she thinks of herself very highly when it comes to researching and analyzing these scandals. There is no way to back up what she claims most of the times.

One of Raquel’s brother – Stephen is an extremely career oriented gentleman. He is very result oriented, only financial success and prosperity brings enchantment to him. He does a lot of exercise and keeps trying different supplements that promise anti-aging properties, especially the ones from China and India.

Raquel’s elder sister Krissy (name changed) is a weightlifter, she has won silver medals twice in different commonwealth games. She doesn’t even touch supplements or stimulants and believes in staying totally natural.

Female janitor watches Spongebob to refresh memories and bets on Soccer websites to increase her bank balance

Chana Beaufort believes that she has a perfect set of arguments to prove the irrationality of belief in god. She is regular on social media websites like Twitter and others of the sort, and on several different discord servers. On Twitter and discord, she keeps challenging other users to tag her and challenge her with ‘evidence of god’.

Chana is a Janitor but behaves like she owns the building. She also loves to give people tip on exercise and yoga. Once she made a claim that I cannot forget, it was “Learn correct posture for every exercise, and stand and walk with correct posture and you will look 10 times better.” Wow! Look 10 times better with just a posture change while exercising, that’s marvelous and too good to be true. I wonder why Chana hasn’t turned into the most beautiful lady in the world yet.

Chana herself says that she cannot go for a leg day to the gym unless she gets that dose of some hardcore motivation.

Chana lived in Berlin for 2 years and she claims that all Germans are Nazis, they just act sophisticated outside. When I asked her “How do you know that only by living 2 years in Germany?” She replied that she used to work in Germany as a maid and the people who were the most sophisticated outside talked most Nazi while at home.

The favorite time of Chana’s life was her childhood. She still watches Spongebob time to time on Youtube to refresh her childhood memories.

Chana has been using Singapore pools soccer odds in a hope of getting rick quick. Her journey has been quite successful yet with tons more wins than losses. She also reads at least 2 gambling related posts on the internet everyday on different gambling blogs.

Law of Attraction is real, since winning millions with 188Bet, Wattana has been attracting only wealthy gentlemen

Wattana Laohwattanapinyo used to be the biggest supplier of Solid Ox Gallstone in all of Thailand but even being the biggest in the business wasn’t enough to make Wattana millions of US dollars in a year.  Wattana started gambling online and offline because of the frustration and she lost tons of money with the real life gambling but the online gambling, especially 188bet turned out to be lucky enough for Wattana to make her win sufficient money to start her own retail chain of women’s clothing that currently has 12 branches. Wattana’s short-term goal is to make her store a household name in all of Southeast Asia and her long term goal is to expand her clothing store to carry a lot more stuff and make it a global household name.

Wattana is extremely impressed with the time management skills of the Canadian people. Wattana knows only 3 Canadians personally and she is amazed at how great they are at time management. Wattana says that these 3 people take into account each and every second that they spend. Wattana’s most favorite time management author and speaker is also a Canadian, his name is Brian Tracy and his videos and eBooks are available all over the Youtube for free.

Wattana has been studying the business, industries and their future for quite a while now and she claims that the nation of Uruguay has tons of resources which are of no value at the present moment but they will be of great importance in the near future.

Wattana has been dating this multinational restaurant chain owner for quite a while who doesn’t believe in half-measures at all and by that I mean that the quality of his restaurants, the staff there and the food they serve is as great in Vietnam or Thailand as it is in USA or Denmark.