Made Tens of Thousands of Dollars with Soccer Gambling but still trying to figure a way to make money off those Online Debates

Hamid Mid from Medan, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Web Designing expert, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that the articles don’t pull off as many backlinks as they once did, no matter how good they are. He claims that they are a very popular phenomena to pull backlinks from the Discord and Slack Chat Groups, but those backlinks don’t count on the search engines, never did.

Hamid writes that it is a pity that the articles related to celebrities and politicians still garner a lot more backlinks and shares than the non-commercial, informative articles that really make sense and improve your life for the better unlike the celebrity news or politics.

Hamid believes that it is both a good and a bad thing that the tech audience is not very dissimilar to the normal audience nowadays and they are as likely to bet on official soccer gambling websites (situs judi bola resmi) as their non-tech counterparts.

Hamid claims that the Google is biased towards YouTube when it comes to ranking videos on the Google Search Engine. He believes that the Google has been jealous of the Vimeo and MetaCafe since Day 1 as both these websites initially used to have better algorithms compared to the YouTube.

Hamid believes that it is a wiser decision on the part of the Billion Dollar corporations to invest their advertising money on the Television ads over the YouTube ads.

Hamid is happy that online debates are more popular than ever before, especially on Discord, Chatango and Slack Chat Groups and he says that he is still figuring out a way to make money off those debates.

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