Iranian Author Religiously follows his Religion but still cannot stop bet since found Football Prediction 2

Farshid Jahani from Yazd, Iran, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Green Mythology. I read the book and I really enjoyed it.

In his book, Farshid claims that the comedians of the 5th century BC Greek were far more funny than the comedians we have had in the past 500 years globally.

Farshid also claims in his book that the God Indra and all his subordinates in Hinduism are a concept taken from the Greek Mythology.

Farshid also writes that the poem Odyssey is not a reliable source for knowing and understanding the Greek Mythology. He adds that it is a shame that most of the historians have used it as the foremost source for understanding the Greek Mythology and Culture for so long.

Farshid claims in his book that Plato was never familiar with any version of the Orphic Theogony, it is a mere myth that he was.

In his book, Farshid claims that many Ancient Greeks believed that the child born out of incest was healthier than the one who was not.

Farshid believes that Varro was absolutely spot-on when he argued that whereas the superstitious man fears the gods, the truly religious person venerates them as parents.

Farshid writes that the Theogonic-Cosmogonic poem of Orpheus that the Greek historians claim existed back during the 5th century BC was in fact a poem belonging to the Zarathustran Persia of those times instead.

Farshid writes that the Romans accepting Zeus as one of their chief gods is the proof enough that the Romans used to be a lusty, mischievous and promiscuous people.

Farshid writes on his official blog that the only mischief that he does which goes against his religion is betting on football websites using Football Prediction 2 (پیش بینی فوتبال2).

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