GP from Todd County spends 90 minutes of each day exercising and 90 minutes betting online

Dr Kingston Callaway is a General Practitioner from Todd County, South Dakota, who claims that the children born in 2015 were the healthiest children born in this entire decade. His wife also gave birth to triplets in the very same year and he says that they are healthier than the single one his wife gave birth to back in 2012.

Dr Kingston Callaway believes that his income as a doctor is not good enough for the future of his children and that’s the reason why he likes to spend an hour everyday reading today football prediction and another half betting on football websites.

Dr Kingston Callaway doesn’t agree with Indian guru OSHO’s claim that the children born during the peak of solar cycle are more rebellious, healthier and better looking than the ones born otherwise. Dr Kingston Callaway says that it is a pure myth that has no basis.

Dr Kingston Callaway claims that family business owners are most prone to obesity. He advises such family business owners to exercise at least 90 minutes a day if they wanna be perfectly healthy.

Dr Kingston Callaway claims that the doctors hailing from the small towns and villages all across the world work harder than their counterparts coming from big cities.

Dr Kingston Callaway also claims that the models who starve themselves to stay thin and indulge in drugs, have been coming up with diseases lately that go way beyond anorexia and the medical field doesn’t even have a name for those.

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