There is no virtue in buying the Virtual Glasses but there is tons of virtue in Monitoring a Website

Anthony Carcillo is an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert from Miami, Florida, who writes on his blog that it is a pity that because of the drug culture and other negative things that Miami has become popular for since the late 1970s, they don’t trust the SEO companies or content writers from Miami. He also believes that the nightlife of Miami is extremely overrated.

Anthony started off in the SEO business with creating and selling link farms and he says that it is a pity that there used not be websites like back in the day.

Anthony believes that the Republic of China will start ruling the SEO industry as well and soon enough so. He believes that what has been stopping them is their lack of fluency in the English language in general and also that they don’t have a Google or Youtube in the country. He believes that as soon as they get both, they will achieve the leadership in the internet and that will give them

Anthony Carcillo has always stood to his belief which has been proven to be scientific several times which is – Size Matters in SEO, whether it be the size of your images, videos or content.

Anthony Carcillo is not a conspiracy theorist but he claims that buying Virtual Glasses is one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves as human beings. He believes that the Virtual Glasses is a part of a propaganda by the elites to weaken our eyesight and frontal lobe. Hence, his quote “There is no virtue in buying the virtual glasses.”

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