This GP from Makassar has at least 5000 deposited on his favorite online poker all the time so that he could enjoy some good bets on the Sundays

Dr Herman Suherman is a General Practitioner from Makassar, Indonesia, who writes on his blog that it is a pity to see so many paid advertisements on the newspapers, internet, magazines, etc for the doctors. He believes that never before did the doctors around the world behaved so unethically, especially when it came to exposing themselves to the potential patients.

He claims that never before did doctors lose all their ethics like they have done in the past one decade.

He believes that if it keeps going on like this, soon enough, the term ‘patient’ will become an obsolete one and they will only use the term ‘customer’ or ‘client’ to refer to their visitors instead. He goes to the extent of saying that perhaps by 2060, the term ‘patient’ will be as unfamiliar to that day’s young generation as the English dialect belonging to the Dark Ages is to most of the English speakers of this era.

Dr Herman Suherman has written it more than once on his blog that till date he hasn’t been able to understand the reason why Sunday is usually the least busy day at his practice and it is on Sundays when he prefers to pursue his most favorite hobby of all times – playing poker, he always has at least Poker Deposit 5000 at his most favorite website. He writes that it is going to be this way till he is single.

Although Dr Suherman claims himself to be an atheist, he sounds like a religious person each time he states that people with a good character are less prone to getting ill compared to their counterparts with not-so-good character.

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