Bangkok Urologist makes more money staying idle at her practice than she does staying busy

Dr Silvie Lee is an Urologist from Bangkok, Thailand, who claims on her practice’s official blog that urinating immediately before bed can help avoiding several diseases and infections, not only urology related, but several others as well. She claims to have cured several of patients that suffered with Balanitis, UTIs and other infections through diuretics only.

Dr Silvie Lee claims to have studied a lot of diseases that are uncommon among the vegetarians and when it comes to the vegetarian, one think of India as the first thing. After studying the kidney stones among the Indians for years, Dr Silvie Lee has come to the conclusion that the ever rising cases of the kidney stones among the Indians has to do with the spicy Indian diets and also the unhygienic foods that they serve at the roadside vans, stalls and other petty restaurants in India. She still stands to her belief that a vegetarian diet is the best for your kidney health.

Dr Silvie Lee also claims to have been doing a great research on the urology related and other cures mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and Ayurvedic texts. She writes that so far, most of those have come up as useless.

Dr Silvie Lee claims that due to several different infections and disorders caused due to dehydration in the summers, she sees more patients during the summer season than any other season but surprisingly enough, in the summer seasons, she makes the least amount of money compared to any other season, because those are the times when she is unable to play baccarat online, the biggest source of her income.

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