Johan Knoch, a General Store owner from Batam, claims that IDNplay Poker is the only thing that has been keeping him sane

Johan Knoch is the owner of a General Store in Batam, Indonesia, who believes that the importance of the General Stores is greatly underrated in modern times when everything is about exclusivity and flab. He writes on his blog that only an angel can save the General Store Industry. He further adds that it is a pity that Amazon’s founder is the world’s richest man while the owners of the General Stores around the world find it hard to survive.

Johan claims on his blog that the feminist looking middle-aged women argue a lot and are so arrogant that it is unbelievable. Although he himself supports the feminist movements, he finds the feminist women too hard to endure, and to take his mind-off the desperation of the small General Stores like his to make money, arrogant customers, etc, he once in a while enjoys a game of IDNplay Poker, which has proven to be extremely effective to till date for the purpose he mainly uses it for.

Johan writes on his blog that it is another pity that some buyers are like, if the place is too crowded, they complain about how they can’t get in and when there is no crowd, they tend to think that the store is a flop one.

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