General Physician from Clarksville believes that online casinos are more fun and healthy than any other recreational activity for adults

Dr Neil Middleton is a General Physician from Clarksville, Tennessee, who believes that each adult will have all the information required the drugs for any condition that doesn’t require surgery by the financial year 2067. He further added on the official blog of his practice that the reason why he doesn’t want any of his sons or grandchildren to become physicians is the same. He says that he wouldn’t mind if any of them becomes surgeon.

Dr Neil Middleton claims on his blog to have been doing a great deal of research on ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ lately. He claims that the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the most misunderstood diseases on the planet. He writes on his blog that he nowhere denies the harms that drinking alcohol of a mother during pregnancy has on a baby’s health, but he also is not willing to take it as the Medical Unions have been selling it. Dr Neil writes on his blog that the mothers all across the world that are aware or unaware of the harms that drinking alcohol has on a baby’s health have been known to give birth to perfectly healthy babies and hence, the Medical Unions have been doing a great injustice to the society and the medical profession in general by attributing the brain damage, deformities, skin disorders, etc, to mother’s drinking of alcohol.

Dr Neil wrote on his blog that once a regular patient of his, who recently became mother told to him that she gave birth to a child with severe brain damage and the gynecologist in charge told to her that the brain damage happened just because she drank alcohol only twice when she was pregnant. Dr Neil added that he was disgusted after reading this. Dr Neil also added that he never drank or smoke once in his life and he is not advocating drinking alcohol at all. He further added that drinking alcohol is not his thing but online casinos is, which he is too proud and happy about, thanks to free casino bonus codes.

Dr Neil has mentioned on the same blog of his more than once that he claims on the same blog of his that the ancient Indian texts are full of women drinking alcohol (somarasa) and nowhere a story pops in the Hindu texts where the mother gave birth to a deformed kid just because she used to drink alcohol.

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