This GP from Makassar has at least 5000 deposited on his favorite online poker all the time so that he could enjoy some good bets on the Sundays

Dr Herman Suherman is a General Practitioner from Makassar, Indonesia, who writes on his blog that it is a pity to see so many paid advertisements on the newspapers, internet, magazines, etc for the doctors. He believes that never before did the doctors around the world behaved so unethically, especially when it came to exposing themselves to the potential patients.

He claims that never before did doctors lose all their ethics like they have done in the past one decade.

He believes that if it keeps going on like this, soon enough, the term ‘patient’ will become an obsolete one and they will only use the term ‘customer’ or ‘client’ to refer to their visitors instead. He goes to the extent of saying that perhaps by 2060, the term ‘patient’ will be as unfamiliar to that day’s young generation as the English dialect belonging to the Dark Ages is to most of the English speakers of this era.

Dr Herman Suherman has written it more than once on his blog that till date he hasn’t been able to understand the reason why Sunday is usually the least busy day at his practice and it is on Sundays when he prefers to pursue his most favorite hobby of all times – playing poker, he always has at least Poker Deposit 5000 at his most favorite website. He writes that it is going to be this way till he is single.

Although Dr Suherman claims himself to be an atheist, he sounds like a religious person each time he states that people with a good character are less prone to getting ill compared to their counterparts with not-so-good character.

All Chasha Bellamy does is win win win no matter what

Chasha Bellamy is never willing to provide any of her personal information online at all and she does the same when it comes to spending some time doing romancing with her most favorite hobby and that is gambling online. Chasha loves to play poker, domino qui qui, judi slot online. Her current most favorite among these three is online slots which she discovered while browsing some blogs in Indonesian language. Chasha cannot thank me enough because she has been extremely lucky with online slots and there is no possibility that she would have discovered it if she didn’t read that post where I mentioned about Indonesian online slots in 2019.

Chasha owns several online forums and blogs and she never uses her real name on any of those. She always chooses a pseudonym or a fake name to protect her identity. All her blogs and forums are WHOIS privacy protected as well.

Chasha owns a recycled products brand as well and she uses the name of those brands sometimes instead of a username in order to promote them.

I myself cannot recall the last time that I used my real name on an online forum. The only forums where I choose to use my real name is a private forum where roughly only 200 members are allowed to post or browse. We all use our real names there, it is just like a secret society.

Using your real name on a car or a real estate forum is not okay either. I used to use my real name on car and real estate forums earlier but they were selling my personal information to a third party.  I started getting so many spam calls, emails, Whatsapp messages, SMS offering services related to cars and real estate.

Bangkok Urologist makes more money staying idle at her practice than she does staying busy

Dr Silvie Lee is an Urologist from Bangkok, Thailand, who claims on her practice’s official blog that urinating immediately before bed can help avoiding several diseases and infections, not only urology related, but several others as well. She claims to have cured several of patients that suffered with Balanitis, UTIs and other infections through diuretics only.

Dr Silvie Lee claims to have studied a lot of diseases that are uncommon among the vegetarians and when it comes to the vegetarian, one think of India as the first thing. After studying the kidney stones among the Indians for years, Dr Silvie Lee has come to the conclusion that the ever rising cases of the kidney stones among the Indians has to do with the spicy Indian diets and also the unhygienic foods that they serve at the roadside vans, stalls and other petty restaurants in India. She still stands to her belief that a vegetarian diet is the best for your kidney health.

Dr Silvie Lee also claims to have been doing a great research on the urology related and other cures mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita and Ayurvedic texts. She writes that so far, most of those have come up as useless.

Dr Silvie Lee claims that due to several different infections and disorders caused due to dehydration in the summers, she sees more patients during the summer season than any other season but surprisingly enough, in the summer seasons, she makes the least amount of money compared to any other season, because those are the times when she is unable to play baccarat online, the biggest source of her income.

Johan Knoch, a General Store owner from Batam, claims that IDNplay Poker is the only thing that has been keeping him sane

Johan Knoch is the owner of a General Store in Batam, Indonesia, who believes that the importance of the General Stores is greatly underrated in modern times when everything is about exclusivity and flab. He writes on his blog that only an angel can save the General Store Industry. He further adds that it is a pity that Amazon’s founder is the world’s richest man while the owners of the General Stores around the world find it hard to survive.

Johan claims on his blog that the feminist looking middle-aged women argue a lot and are so arrogant that it is unbelievable. Although he himself supports the feminist movements, he finds the feminist women too hard to endure, and to take his mind-off the desperation of the small General Stores like his to make money, arrogant customers, etc, he once in a while enjoys a game of IDNplay Poker, which has proven to be extremely effective to till date for the purpose he mainly uses it for.

Johan writes on his blog that it is another pity that some buyers are like, if the place is too crowded, they complain about how they can’t get in and when there is no crowd, they tend to think that the store is a flop one.

General Physician from Clarksville believes that online casinos are more fun and healthy than any other recreational activity for adults

Dr Neil Middleton is a General Physician from Clarksville, Tennessee, who believes that each adult will have all the information required the drugs for any condition that doesn’t require surgery by the financial year 2067. He further added on the official blog of his practice that the reason why he doesn’t want any of his sons or grandchildren to become physicians is the same. He says that he wouldn’t mind if any of them becomes surgeon.

Dr Neil Middleton claims on his blog to have been doing a great deal of research on ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ lately. He claims that the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the most misunderstood diseases on the planet. He writes on his blog that he nowhere denies the harms that drinking alcohol of a mother during pregnancy has on a baby’s health, but he also is not willing to take it as the Medical Unions have been selling it. Dr Neil writes on his blog that the mothers all across the world that are aware or unaware of the harms that drinking alcohol has on a baby’s health have been known to give birth to perfectly healthy babies and hence, the Medical Unions have been doing a great injustice to the society and the medical profession in general by attributing the brain damage, deformities, skin disorders, etc, to mother’s drinking of alcohol.

Dr Neil wrote on his blog that once a regular patient of his, who recently became mother told to him that she gave birth to a child with severe brain damage and the gynecologist in charge told to her that the brain damage happened just because she drank alcohol only twice when she was pregnant. Dr Neil added that he was disgusted after reading this. Dr Neil also added that he never drank or smoke once in his life and he is not advocating drinking alcohol at all. He further added that drinking alcohol is not his thing but online casinos is, which he is too proud and happy about, thanks to free casino bonus codes.

Dr Neil has mentioned on the same blog of his more than once that he claims on the same blog of his that the ancient Indian texts are full of women drinking alcohol (somarasa) and nowhere a story pops in the Hindu texts where the mother gave birth to a deformed kid just because she used to drink alcohol.