Papillon dog lover never bets in the afternoons but she cannot resist the same in the night

Sakina Bocek is a businesswoman who currently owns two companies, one that manufactures fishing equipment and another that manufactures squash, badminton and tennis rackets.

Sakina is a dog lover who is currently obsessed with Papillon dogs and owns five of those including both males and females

Sakina believes that being creative doesn’t only make you money but it makes your inner soul happy and ecstatic as well. During summers, Sakina stays up at the nights but sleep in the afternoons during the hot summer days because she literally feels that the sun rays suck creativity and we exchange energies with the sun. Sakina says that the sun is not merely the provider of energy but it is a receptor of energy as well.

Sakina was born a Muslim but after learning Buddhism, she converted to Buddhism. Sakina claims that Buddhism is the only religion of the future and the children that grow up in Buddhist environment turn up to be very noble, intelligent and disciplined. Sakina goes to the extent to claim that the only religion that has no problem with the NASA and the similar organizations is the Buddhism.

Sakina recalls the funny moment when she met her husband for the first time. When Sakina saw her husband for the very first time, he was wearing orange pants and red shirt, Sakina thought that the guy is some idiot but she later found out that the guy is the CEO of a major company. Let me tell you the whole story, Sakina was at the Burger King when she saw this tall and handsome guy wearing orange trousers and a red shirt, Sakina couldn’t stop her laughter looking at this guy, he was confused due to some business issue at that time, he decided to refresh his mood and when he saw Sakina laughing, he decided to talk to her, Sakina was amazed at the wonderful communication skills of this guy whom she was thinking was made just a few minutes ago, they exchanged numbers and here they are after 3 years – husband and wife.

Sakina is an online gambling freak and the more dollars she wins, the more addicted she gets to the game of 512jbb, Sakina is a regular reader of gambling blogs like PhotoBooksNow as well.

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