Automotive engineer, enthusiast and blogger bets on Fun888 regularly

Viplov Shergill is an automotive engineer who has been working on building a motorcycle suspension that will never bottom out. Viplov is an automobile enthusiast herself who drives a 1972 Morris Minor. Along with being an automotive engineer and enthusiast, Viplov is an auto blogger as well. Viplov says that it is time when Fiat should sell out Fiat and Maserati as she believes that Fiat is not going to make any profit till an apocalyptic event take place. Viplov even goes to the extent of saying that forget about seeing a profit, the Fiat is only going to see upward movement in the losses.

Viplov says that voice command system in the cars is a pure gimmick and drains so much energy. Instead of creating voice command systems, the car companies should focus on creating more reliable back seat controls. Viplov says that she knows thousands of men and women that own luxury car but she knows none who uses voice command system.

Even though Viplov is very critical of the voice command systems, she says that Ford’s voice control system is the most reliable and user-friendly of all.

Being from India herself, Viplov is a huge critic of the people of India, the nation as a whole, their culture and tradition. Viplov says that the Indians are low IQ people that lack creativity and all the oldest industrialists of India being of Persian or Jewish origin is the proof. Jewish industrialists and big business personalities left India for Israel or other countries but the Persians still continue to rule the business world of India.

Viplov is very critical of the Hindu religion and claims the same to be one of the worst pagan religions and no challenge to the monotheistic religions.

Viplov is a gambling freak as well who regularly bets on fun888 like no other that you know of and also wins there like no other that you know.

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