Papillon dog lover never bets in the afternoons but she cannot resist the same in the night

Sakina Bocek is a businesswoman who currently owns two companies, one that manufactures fishing equipment and another that manufactures squash, badminton and tennis rackets.

Sakina is a dog lover who is currently obsessed with Papillon dogs and owns five of those including both males and females

Sakina believes that being creative doesn’t only make you money but it makes your inner soul happy and ecstatic as well. During summers, Sakina stays up at the nights but sleep in the afternoons during the hot summer days because she literally feels that the sun rays suck creativity and we exchange energies with the sun. Sakina says that the sun is not merely the provider of energy but it is a receptor of energy as well.

Sakina was born a Muslim but after learning Buddhism, she converted to Buddhism. Sakina claims that Buddhism is the only religion of the future and the children that grow up in Buddhist environment turn up to be very noble, intelligent and disciplined. Sakina goes to the extent to claim that the only religion that has no problem with the NASA and the similar organizations is the Buddhism.

Sakina recalls the funny moment when she met her husband for the first time. When Sakina saw her husband for the very first time, he was wearing orange pants and red shirt, Sakina thought that the guy is some idiot but she later found out that the guy is the CEO of a major company. Let me tell you the whole story, Sakina was at the Burger King when she saw this tall and handsome guy wearing orange trousers and a red shirt, Sakina couldn’t stop her laughter looking at this guy, he was confused due to some business issue at that time, he decided to refresh his mood and when he saw Sakina laughing, he decided to talk to her, Sakina was amazed at the wonderful communication skills of this guy whom she was thinking was made just a few minutes ago, they exchanged numbers and here they are after 3 years – husband and wife.

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Talented oil painters says that she doesn’t need to sell paintings anymore as she makes more money than most painters with online poker

Laure Lagunova has read most of Hindu mythology in her 40 years of life as she was always obsessed with India and Hinduism since she was a little kid. Laure claims that the King Dashratha of Ayodhya – the father of Rama and his 3 brothers, was 120 years old when Rama (his first son) was born. Laure believes that the story of Rama and Ravana is real and most of Hindu mythology is not mere mythology but an over-exaggerated reality.

Although Laure is so obsessed with India and Hinduism, her favorite tourist spot of all time is Kuala Lumpur.

Laure’s most favorite song of all time is “Stay with me” by Teddy Pendergrass and she loves it more with some Miami Vice video featuring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

One of Laure’s brothers is one of the most prolific sellers in the Art posters category on eBay. He makes over 25, 000 USD with his eBay business and he sells nothing but only art related stuff. Laure’s brother boasts about never doing anything unethical on eBay and never trying to bluff or befool eBay by creating stealth accounts or any such thing.

Laure herself is an oil painter and one of the most underrated oil painters of all time. Laure says that only a few art lovers can understand the value and preciousness of her art and reaching such people is a very hard work. Laure has been using her painting to decorate the walls of her own house and those of her friends and family. Laure has been successfully making a lavish living winning bets on pokerclub88.

Laure’s maternal grandfather was perhaps the greatest scenery artist in the history of Macedonia who was killed for creating a painting depicting the bad situation of the nation of Macedonia due to its mean and evil rulers. A small section of Macedonia’s painters and even a smaller section of the global painters still celebrate his birthday and mourn on the day he was hanged.

Automotive engineer, enthusiast and blogger bets on Fun888 regularly

Viplov Shergill is an automotive engineer who has been working on building a motorcycle suspension that will never bottom out. Viplov is an automobile enthusiast herself who drives a 1972 Morris Minor. Along with being an automotive engineer and enthusiast, Viplov is an auto blogger as well. Viplov says that it is time when Fiat should sell out Fiat and Maserati as she believes that Fiat is not going to make any profit till an apocalyptic event take place. Viplov even goes to the extent of saying that forget about seeing a profit, the Fiat is only going to see upward movement in the losses.

Viplov says that voice command system in the cars is a pure gimmick and drains so much energy. Instead of creating voice command systems, the car companies should focus on creating more reliable back seat controls. Viplov says that she knows thousands of men and women that own luxury car but she knows none who uses voice command system.

Even though Viplov is very critical of the voice command systems, she says that Ford’s voice control system is the most reliable and user-friendly of all.

Being from India herself, Viplov is a huge critic of the people of India, the nation as a whole, their culture and tradition. Viplov says that the Indians are low IQ people that lack creativity and all the oldest industrialists of India being of Persian or Jewish origin is the proof. Jewish industrialists and big business personalities left India for Israel or other countries but the Persians still continue to rule the business world of India.

Viplov is very critical of the Hindu religion and claims the same to be one of the worst pagan religions and no challenge to the monotheistic religions.

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Fitness freak, struggling entrepreneur, bet winner, meet Genana Bonnay

Genana Bonnay drinks what she calls green shake everyday – 2 small apples, 1 bunch of cilantro, 1 cucumber, about 2 cups of water and lemon juice.

According to Genana, all the top business people that she knows follow the ten commandments as were told to Moses. She says that each of those top business people is an institution in himself/herself.

Genana works from her kitchen table presently but she hopes to reach the top as soon as possible and she has successfully started avoiding all the distractions, gossiping and the other stuff that she found was acting as a barrier to her success after watching a Jeff Bezos interview.

Genana is very clear about what she wants in her life, she doesn’t have any dilemmas or confusions.

Genana used to work for a 5 star hotel as a chef before starting her entrepreneurial journey and that’s when she learnt to make so many distinctive dishes including watermelon rinds shake for indigestion and gas.

Genana’s all time favorite dish is Tuna fish. She also loves pumpkin seeds, black chocolate, bananas and avocados. Even though she loves all that stuff, on the regular days Genana eats only eggs and cheese to bulk up.

Genana feels tempted to drink alcohol when she doesn’t workout, she doesn’t touch alcohol anymore no matter what but she certainly feels that urge on the days she doesn’t workout and that’s why she works out 7 days a week.

Genana’s most favorite hobby is gambling online and she doesn’t do it all alone, she invites all her friends to see her win the day she plans to gamble on slot online terlengkap. When alone, the only gambling related thing that Genana does is reading gambling related blogs like

Ferrari can never build hybrid cars as good as Nissan or Honda, claims a proud Acura MDX owner and Pro Poker Player

Avery Carrington has lived in North India for a year and she hated living in this state of India called Uttar Pradesh abbreviated as UP. Avery says that the Jaat and Gurjar dominated areas in the Uttar Pradesh are full of negative vibes.

Avery recently wrote a book  with the name “God – A Illusion of the man or his strategy to keep the homo sapien a slave”, in which she wrote that we used to be cavemen once is quite evident from the completely flawed and immoral biblical characters.

Avery also wrote in the same book that the word ‘eunuch’ has nothing to do with the biblical character ‘enoch’ (the son of Abel and Cain) as is generally perceived by many.

Avery is currently building an online book store which she claims will give Amazon Kindle a run for its money.

Avery recently sponsored a survey trying to point out what makes successful people different from the unsuccessful ones. The thing that surprised Avery the most was that successful people eat a lot more seafood, eggs and avocados than their unsuccessful counterparts.

Avery’s elder sister was one of the first people to propose the idea of creating wireless chargers.

Avery claims that the people responsible for running the world have created a technology and strategy to put unspeakable humiliation on the ones who ever dare to speak the truth in the future.

Avery says that Ferrari’s claim that their upcoming hybrid cars will be as good as as their current models is an absolute lie. Avery says that there is no way that Ferrari can build a hybrid car as good as any of their Japanese counterpart. Avery counts Acura and Nissan as Ferrari’s rival as they have cars like NSX and GT-R.

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From a wage-earning brewer in a microbrewery to a millionaire businesswoman, Annabel Vorisek’s life changed with one bet

Annabel Vorisek recently bought a company that manufactures mudflaps and bumpers for the sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and Pick-up trucks. Annabel aims to buy a GPS Navigation products company in the near future as well.

Annabel used to work as a brewer in a microbrewery until she got lucky with an Indonesian betting company that offered her freebet tanpa deposit terbaru using which she won millions of dollars with a couple of bets.

Annabel is a car enthusiast, she only had a 1971 Nissan 240z until she won those bets but she bought a brand new Acura MDX and a Lexus LS 500 F Sport with a part of the money that she won with those bets.

Annabel has been running an auto blog for a while now where she recently posted that the diesel won’t be purposeful at all for anything by 2030. Annabel claims that the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow will be all electric, battery-run or petrol hybrid and there will be no place for the diesel vehicles.

Annabel is an amateur astrologer as well, she says that the next Vice-President of the USA will be someone who worked as a mechanic in his early 20s and he will become a Vice-President by an accident.

Annabel predicts that the General Motors will be defunct by 2028. Annabel says that the General Motors hands down beats the Ford when it comes to the car designs but it has never been able to and perhaps never will be able to beat the Ford in terms of the joy of driving and nobody cares about the General Motors’ gorgeous designs as much as they care about the Ford’s joy of driving. Annabel says that if people want to buy affordable great looking cars, they will most likely look Renaultwise.