Toolholding products manufacturer – Nanija’s business saw a great boost after she invested the winning amount in advertisements

Nanija Gun claims that only mathematical geniuses are eligible to be the world leaders. Nanija claims that the election commission of all the democratic countries are fake and the results are always predetermined either by the KGB or the CIA.

Nanija has several college counselors in her family and she says that most college counselors of the modern and developed western countries live a life that is no less luxurious than the political elite.

Nanija used to work at a call helpline before finding her own toolholding products manufacturing company. Nanija’s company saw a great boost after Nanija won a huge amount with the help of a trusted agen bandarq. Nanija invested all the money that she won in the promotion of her business and it really worked. Nanija has already earned 600% of what she invested.

Nanija always tells her fake name to the strangers, she says that it is a bad idea to tell your real name to a stranger.

Nanija follows world-politics very closely and she claims that the American President – Donald Trump made a secret deal with North Korea, the consequences of which are going to be fatal for the common people around the world.

Nanija believes in evolution but she has always been highly critical of Pangea.  Nanija says that the Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tiger are the proof that the Ice Age and Pangea are total myth and couldn’t have exist.

Nanija claims that feeding bears with onions evolves them and many of the human races are result of the same process. According to Nanija, we haven’t only evolved from the apes but from bears as well.

Nanija claims that sleeping pills existed in the prehistoric times as well and there are several proofs of the same which can be found with the help of the books.

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