Marketing and Advertising entrepreneur is an ItuQQ lover and now wants to buy her first lottery

Jina Kendall follows the world politics very closely and she is amazed to see the ignorance on the part of the Indians when they bash Pakistan which once used to be a Hindu empire called Sindh. Jina says that before bashing the land of Pakistan, the Indians need to get their facts right and know that the modern Pakistan used to be once the place where their ancestors lived for over 5000 years. Jina says that it is very normal and expected for the Indians to bash the state of Pakistan but they sound so stupid when they make fun of the land of Pakistan because in reality it once used to be the pride of all Southeast Asia.

Jina hates the celebrity culture and she always stays away from the celebrity news as she believes that it sucks up her vital energy and makes her dumber.

Jina is a Business Marketing Executive and one of the founders at a Marketing and Advertising company. Jina’s business has been doing pretty well since the day it started off.

One of Jina’s favorite hobbies is betting on trusted ItuQQ websites and why shouldn’t be it. She comes out as a winner 3 out of 5 times on an average.

Jina has been thinking about buying lottery tickets as well for a while as it has become so easier with the advent of the internet but she has a phobia against buying lottery tickets as one of her uncles went broke by buying lotteries. Jina says that her uncle was stupid enough to buy any lottery ticket and she doubts that he would have gone broke if he were some smart guy.

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