Vespa scooter lover enjoys riding his Vespa even more than winning thousand dollar online bets

Qing Jeon loves riding his Vespa scooter more than anything else, even more than winning bets on his favorite Toto website. Qing has won over 600, 000 CAD within a period of 15 months betting on this particular Toto website. Where Qing loves riding his Vespa scooter more than anything else, he hates riding motorcycles and scooters of any other brand including Honda.

Qing is an automotive engineer by profession and he has worked for several different car manufacturers including Mitsubishi and Toyota. Qing says that they hand out Yoga Sutras by Swami Vivekananda to each and every employee at Mitsubishi. Qing says that he has been personally benefited by Swami Vivekananda’s Yoga Sutras whereas it seems like the same has been working negatively for the employees at Mitsubishi looking at their ever-declining sales and quality graph for the past 2 decades. Qing says that although he admits that he has been benefited a lot by Swami Vivekananda’s Yoga Sutras, he says that the people promoting the same Yoga Sutras by Swami Vivekananda sound a lot like Hindu fanatics as they over-exaggerate and over-glorify these a lot on Reddit and Quora.

Qing says that the secret behind the Toyota’s great success is that they only choose experienced and highly skilled engineers to work with them. Qing says that they check the personal background of the  CEOs, MDs and other top managers at Toyota as well to make sure that the person will not double cross them for his appetite of luxury, women and clothes. Qing says that it has been a tradition at the Toyota since the time of Kiichiro Toyoda that they refrain from promoting womanizers and whore-mongers as Kiichiro Toyoda was a huge believer in chastity and he attributed all his success to his practice of chastity and periodical sexual abstinence. Qing sees late Mr Kiichiro Toyoda as one of his greatest inspirations and heroes and he hopes to become as successful as Mr Toyoda one day.

Qing has a thing for the Israeli BBWs and this can be learnt from how frequent he is to the Tel Aviv city where he has fun with BBWs all the time. Qing really makes those BBWs sweat and lose some weight when he is in Tel Aviv. He even dated the most popular and arguably the Best Escort in Tel Aviv for a while.

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