Law of Attraction is real, since winning millions with 188Bet, Wattana has been attracting only wealthy gentlemen

Wattana Laohwattanapinyo used to be the biggest supplier of Solid Ox Gallstone in all of Thailand but even being the biggest in the business wasn’t enough to make Wattana millions of US dollars in a year.  Wattana started gambling online and offline because of the frustration and she lost tons of money with the real life gambling but the online gambling, especially 188bet turned out to be lucky enough for Wattana to make her win sufficient money to start her own retail chain of women’s clothing that currently has 12 branches. Wattana’s short-term goal is to make her store a household name in all of Southeast Asia and her long term goal is to expand her clothing store to carry a lot more stuff and make it a global household name.

Wattana is extremely impressed with the time management skills of the Canadian people. Wattana knows only 3 Canadians personally and she is amazed at how great they are at time management. Wattana says that these 3 people take into account each and every second that they spend. Wattana’s most favorite time management author and speaker is also a Canadian, his name is Brian Tracy and his videos and eBooks are available all over the Youtube for free.

Wattana has been studying the business, industries and their future for quite a while now and she claims that the nation of Uruguay has tons of resources which are of no value at the present moment but they will be of great importance in the near future.

Wattana has been dating this multinational restaurant chain owner for quite a while who doesn’t believe in half-measures at all and by that I mean that the quality of his restaurants, the staff there and the food they serve is as great in Vietnam or Thailand as it is in USA or Denmark.

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