The David Icke of Neurologists printed his 2020 Calendar himself and named 2020 the year of Yahweh on his blog

Dr Glenn Sypher is a renowned Neurologist from Jacksonville, Florida, who became very controversial after he claimed on his practice’s official blog that the Protestant and Jewish Neurologists are better at discovering and inventing new cures and treatments, but they are unstable as doctors and it is their Muslim, Hindu and Catholic counterparts that are disciplined enough to make it work. Dr Glenn received so much of hate that he was even thinking about leaving the USA and move to Latvia forever but his wife and kids told him in the Rocky’s tone “Cowards do that and that ain’t you, you are better than that.”

Dr Glenn claims that evolution is a bullshit theory which has no basis. Dr Glenn proudly states that he believes in the story of Adam and Eve but with a twist. Dr Glenn believes that the true residents of this planet are all the animals except the human beings. He claims that the Yahweh is like the Queen Ant from some other planet which he cannot point out yet. He says that were the son and daughter of the Yahweh, who were settled down here as sorts of missionaries and their job was to destroy the other species living here and make this planet all for ourselves. Dr Glenn also claims that Yahweh knew that Adam and Eve wouldn’t be able to confront the dinosaurs and that’s why he destroyed those himself before bringing Adam and Eve down here. Dr Glenn claims that Yahweh just didn’t warn Adam and Eve to not eat the apple, but he refrained them from eating anything found on the earth because he knew that the food that belongs to earth would make the humans immortal and once Adam and Eve eat the same, they themselves and their descendants will all become mortal. Dr Glenn claims that Yahweh had planned a food supply from his own planet where he is the King to be sent to the earth to feed Adam, Eve and their upcoming descendants but that became all useless after they both ate that apple.

Dr Glenn also believes that Yahweh could be the most intelligent being in all of the Universe and he is in constant competition with the almighty real god.

Dr Glenn believes that year 2020 is not the last year but rather the year of the god’s greatest enemy but our king – Yahweh. Dr Glenn claims to have already downloaded the Printable 2020 Calendar and he is too curious about the upcoming year.

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