Proud Jewish-American woman wants infidels to be punished and gambling to be legalized everywhere

Neena Mogilevich was born to a Ukrainian Jew father and a Serbian mother in Montpelier, Vermont back in the January of 1986. In the Serbian culture, they strongly believe that a girl child born in the month of January is lucky one for the family and also a strong one. The Ukrainians or Jews do not have anything to say regarding the same.

Neena is a very strict Orthodox Jew and she dismisses the popular belief that if a child is born out of a Jewish mother then only he/she will be considered a Jew. Neena says that she is half Jew by blood and a full one by spirit. The feeling that being a chosen one gives Neena is something that Neena claims she can die for. She cannot imagine living thinking of herself as an ordinary woman, she is now addict to the belief that she is a chosen one, her father always told her that she is 100% Jew in order to raise her confidence while she was growing up and it worked even better than what her father expected.

Neena wants the infidels to be punished by the law in Israel and she has written letters to the Israeli government and many blog posts regarding the same on her own blog.

Neena values her time a lot and does her best to save time and that’s why she always has a second countdown timer on her iPod. One of the times when Neena switches that countdown timer off is when she bets online, she doesn’t like to be disturbed then or she puts it off when she is reading something serious regarding gambling on one of her favorite gambling related blogs like state champs.

Vespa scooter lover enjoys riding his Vespa even more than winning thousand dollar online bets

Qing Jeon loves riding his Vespa scooter more than anything else, even more than winning bets on his favorite Toto website. Qing has won over 600, 000 CAD within a period of 15 months betting on this particular Toto website. Where Qing loves riding his Vespa scooter more than anything else, he hates riding motorcycles and scooters of any other brand including Honda.

Qing is an automotive engineer by profession and he has worked for several different car manufacturers including Mitsubishi and Toyota. Qing says that they hand out Yoga Sutras by Swami Vivekananda to each and every employee at Mitsubishi. Qing says that he has been personally benefited by Swami Vivekananda’s Yoga Sutras whereas it seems like the same has been working negatively for the employees at Mitsubishi looking at their ever-declining sales and quality graph for the past 2 decades. Qing says that although he admits that he has been benefited a lot by Swami Vivekananda’s Yoga Sutras, he says that the people promoting the same Yoga Sutras by Swami Vivekananda sound a lot like Hindu fanatics as they over-exaggerate and over-glorify these a lot on Reddit and Quora.

Qing says that the secret behind the Toyota’s great success is that they only choose experienced and highly skilled engineers to work with them. Qing says that they check the personal background of the  CEOs, MDs and other top managers at Toyota as well to make sure that the person will not double cross them for his appetite of luxury, women and clothes. Qing says that it has been a tradition at the Toyota since the time of Kiichiro Toyoda that they refrain from promoting womanizers and whore-mongers as Kiichiro Toyoda was a huge believer in chastity and he attributed all his success to his practice of chastity and periodical sexual abstinence. Qing sees late Mr Kiichiro Toyoda as one of his greatest inspirations and heroes and he hopes to become as successful as Mr Toyoda one day.

Qing has a thing for the Israeli BBWs and this can be learnt from how frequent he is to the Tel Aviv city where he has fun with BBWs all the time. Qing really makes those BBWs sweat and lose some weight when he is in Tel Aviv. He even dated the most popular and arguably the Best Escort in Tel Aviv for a while.

Won 1.8 million USD with FIFA55 now wants to double it within a year if not a few months

Raquel Fabre is a full-time event organizer and part-time gambler. She organizes weddings quicker and better than any other wedding organizer you have ever met.

Raquel recently developed a hobby of farming. Nowadays, she has been enjoying farming more than anything else. And since she won 1.8 million USD with FIFA55 online gambling, she has been looking for ways to invest her money in a way so that she can double it within as short span of time as possible, all thanks to her fellow Mumbai Russian escort who told her about online gambling. She has been visiting farm villages all over the USA as she has been looking to learn the business opportunities with which she can make money, serve farmers and fulfill her hobby of staying in touch with the farmers and farming, all simultaneously.

Raquel has a popular blog on the internet where she posts about her researches and analysis about sexual scandals of the elite. In my opinion, she thinks of herself very highly when it comes to researching and analyzing these scandals. There is no way to back up what she claims most of the times.

One of Raquel’s brother – Stephen is an extremely career oriented gentleman. He is very result oriented, only financial success and prosperity brings enchantment to him. He does a lot of exercise and keeps trying different supplements that promise anti-aging properties, especially the ones from China and India.

Raquel’s elder sister Krissy (name changed) is a weightlifter, she has won silver medals twice in different commonwealth games. She doesn’t even touch supplements or stimulants and believes in staying totally natural.

Female janitor watches Spongebob to refresh memories and bets on Soccer websites to increase her bank balance

Chana Beaufort believes that she has a perfect set of arguments to prove the irrationality of belief in god. She is regular on social media websites like Twitter and others of the sort, and on several different discord servers. On Twitter and discord, she keeps challenging other users to tag her and challenge her with ‘evidence of god’.

Chana is a Janitor but behaves like she owns the building. She also loves to give people tip on exercise and yoga. Once she made a claim that I cannot forget, it was “Learn correct posture for every exercise, and stand and walk with correct posture and you will look 10 times better.” Wow! Look 10 times better with just a posture change while exercising, that’s marvelous and too good to be true. I wonder why Chana hasn’t turned into the most beautiful lady in the world yet.

Chana herself says that she cannot go for a leg day to the gym unless she gets that dose of some hardcore motivation.

Chana lived in Berlin for 2 years and she claims that all Germans are Nazis, they just act sophisticated outside. When I asked her “How do you know that only by living 2 years in Germany?” She replied that she used to work in Germany as a maid and the people who were the most sophisticated outside talked most Nazi while at home.

The favorite time of Chana’s life was her childhood. She still watches Spongebob time to time on Youtube to refresh her childhood memories.

Chana has been using Singapore pools soccer odds in a hope of getting rick quick. Her journey has been quite successful yet with tons more wins than losses. She also reads at least 2 gambling related posts on the internet everyday on different gambling blogs.

Law of Attraction is real, since winning millions with 188Bet, Wattana has been attracting only wealthy gentlemen

Wattana Laohwattanapinyo used to be the biggest supplier of Solid Ox Gallstone in all of Thailand but even being the biggest in the business wasn’t enough to make Wattana millions of US dollars in a year.  Wattana started gambling online and offline because of the frustration and she lost tons of money with the real life gambling but the online gambling, especially 188bet turned out to be lucky enough for Wattana to make her win sufficient money to start her own retail chain of women’s clothing that currently has 12 branches. Wattana’s short-term goal is to make her store a household name in all of Southeast Asia and her long term goal is to expand her clothing store to carry a lot more stuff and make it a global household name.

Wattana is extremely impressed with the time management skills of the Canadian people. Wattana knows only 3 Canadians personally and she is amazed at how great they are at time management. Wattana says that these 3 people take into account each and every second that they spend. Wattana’s most favorite time management author and speaker is also a Canadian, his name is Brian Tracy and his videos and eBooks are available all over the Youtube for free.

Wattana has been studying the business, industries and their future for quite a while now and she claims that the nation of Uruguay has tons of resources which are of no value at the present moment but they will be of great importance in the near future.

Wattana has been dating this multinational restaurant chain owner for quite a while who doesn’t believe in half-measures at all and by that I mean that the quality of his restaurants, the staff there and the food they serve is as great in Vietnam or Thailand as it is in USA or Denmark.

Ulya is building a novelty items manufacturing unit with shooting fishes online

Ulya Bruriah is a Vietnamese lady who is visiting Mumbai and Goa this weekend for a vacation. Ulya has beautiful girlfriends and she chose to the vacations with her girlfriends rather than the family. Sometimes some people question her sexual-orientation due to her close attachment to her gorgeous girlfriends.

Ulya has a reputation of quickly responding to her business prospects and clients. Ulya promises discretion, service and quality in all her business advertisements.

Ulya goes for a head massage whenever she wants to get relieved of all the stress and tensions.

Ulya is a warm, personable, clever and chatty lady who devotes a lot of her time to the family.

Ulya recently built an exotic and exclusive bathroom with luxury stones everywhere.

Ulya has an adorable baby girl that just looks like the popular Youtuber – Audrey Nethery.

Ulya has a friend named Victoria to whom Ulya gifted one of the most expensive Gucci frocks on birthday.

Ulya aims to start a novelty items manufacturing unit with the amount she won playing bắn cá đổi thẻ. Ulya wants to make it a tranquil and very laid back place.

Ulya claims that she was more mature emotionally and intellectually than her parents when she was a teenager.

Ulya’s family has a long history of service to the church.

Ulya bought a Lexus ES 300h as a surprise gift for her mother’s birthday after winning the prize money and was she surprised. Ulya’s mother loves to drive on the roads between the valleys.

Ulya’s mom used to be a fashion model in her younger years. It is an amazingly breathtaking view to see this mature beauty drive her Lexus ES 300h in the valleys.

The David Icke of Neurologists printed his 2020 Calendar himself and named 2020 the year of Yahweh on his blog

Dr Glenn Sypher is a renowned Neurologist from Jacksonville, Florida, who became very controversial after he claimed on his practice’s official blog that the Protestant and Jewish Neurologists are better at discovering and inventing new cures and treatments, but they are unstable as doctors and it is their Muslim, Hindu and Catholic counterparts that are disciplined enough to make it work. Dr Glenn received so much of hate that he was even thinking about leaving the USA and move to Latvia forever but his wife and kids told him in the Rocky’s tone “Cowards do that and that ain’t you, you are better than that.”

Dr Glenn claims that evolution is a bullshit theory which has no basis. Dr Glenn proudly states that he believes in the story of Adam and Eve but with a twist. Dr Glenn believes that the true residents of this planet are all the animals except the human beings. He claims that the Yahweh is like the Queen Ant from some other planet which he cannot point out yet. He says that were the son and daughter of the Yahweh, who were settled down here as sorts of missionaries and their job was to destroy the other species living here and make this planet all for ourselves. Dr Glenn also claims that Yahweh knew that Adam and Eve wouldn’t be able to confront the dinosaurs and that’s why he destroyed those himself before bringing Adam and Eve down here. Dr Glenn claims that Yahweh just didn’t warn Adam and Eve to not eat the apple, but he refrained them from eating anything found on the earth because he knew that the food that belongs to earth would make the humans immortal and once Adam and Eve eat the same, they themselves and their descendants will all become mortal. Dr Glenn claims that Yahweh had planned a food supply from his own planet where he is the King to be sent to the earth to feed Adam, Eve and their upcoming descendants but that became all useless after they both ate that apple.

Dr Glenn also believes that Yahweh could be the most intelligent being in all of the Universe and he is in constant competition with the almighty real god.

Dr Glenn believes that year 2020 is not the last year but rather the year of the god’s greatest enemy but our king – Yahweh. Dr Glenn claims to have already downloaded the Printable 2020 Calendar and he is too curious about the upcoming year.

Daughter of a legendary plastic tycoon is an online QQ millionaire

Ayesha Waghela is a very spiritual person who has traveled almost each and every holy site that across the world. Ayesha’s most favorite places to explore are the Hindu and Jewish holy sites. Ayesha says that Mount Sinai shares several similarities with the Mount Kailash.

Ayesha’s father was one of the largest manufacturer of plastic fruit baskets in her country who just passed away last year.

Ayesha reads newspapers occasionally but whenever she does, she is very likely to find an article paying tribute to her legendary father and his contribution to the plastic industry. Ayesha also once read an article criticizing the plastic industry as a part of a propaganda and Ayesha’s dad as a demonic man who is responsible for  popularizing and promoting the plastic made cutlery and being responsible for several of the diseases that the modern people are facing today.

Ayesha’s dad was a strict catholic who wanted Ayesha to become a nun when she grows up. He never got to know that Ayesha bets online and drinks alcohol as well. Ayesha’s dad never even knew about Ayesha’s affairs with young and handsome men before and after her marriage. Ayesha is really extremely good at hiding certain things.

Ayesha has a Bachelor degree in Pharmacology taking advantage of which she has been running a very successful online pharmacy but it is betting on Ratuqq that has been making Ayesha more money than any of her online or offline businesses.

Self-proclaimed mega-genius woman loves playing togel

Tyra Jackson thinks of herself as a genius like no other. Tyra claims that sexual attraction is merely for the procreational purpose and the person who is more capable of giving birth to a strong and intelligent child is by default more sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

Tyra says that if homo sapiens sapiens keep having sex like rabbits, they will soon perish. Tyra is against all sorts of unnatural sexual practices including blowjobs, sodomy, homosexuality and the other related stuff. Tyra doesn’t want to inflict her beliefs on anyone else, she just made these claims. She also made a claim that the children born after a long period of celibacy are a lot more healthy, energetic, open-minded, intelligent, better-looking, have a better immune system than the ones who are not and she gave several examples of such kids including that of herself.

Tyra says that testosterone is an over-exaggerated and over-emphasized hormone which is more harmful than good. She says that over-production of the hormone testosterone is bad for both men and women.

Tyra’s sister Kyra lost her leg while cheer-leading for a drag race between a Polo GTI and a Skoda Octavia RS.

Tyra also claims that all governments are proxy governments and the real power lies in the hands of the bankers, media, arms manufacturers.

Tyra also has made several claims about how John F Kennedy was killed by the Illuminati.

When Tyra is not busy bashing others and making extravagant claims with nothing to back them up, she is busy playing togel at all the time.

From a gas station worker to a Indonesian Rupiah Billionaire – Putu Sindoro is really crushing it

Putu Sindoro recently visited Mount Olympus with his family. Putu Sindoro is an uneducated, unskilled Indonesian gentleman who was born to middle-income parents in the small city of Mataram in the Indonesian province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Putu Sindoro’s father gave divorce to his biological mother when Putu was 2 and Putu was raised by his stepmom whom he likes to call step-monster. Putu claims that his stepmother was a lunatic and because she was infertile, she used to envy Putu a lot. He also claims that his stepmother did some of the most atrocious things to him that have made a profound and permanent impact on his brain and because of those he is unable to make human relationships smoothly. He has become an introvert person and it is very hard for him to decide what to tell others and what not.

Putu didn’t complete his high school and he started working at a gas station when he was only 15. After he turned 19, he left his father’s house and moved to Jakarta. He didn’t make any contact with his father or stepmother ever since.

Putu kept working at odd and small jobs till he got an internet connection. Putu initially bought the computer and the internet connection in order to relax after coming back from work but soon enough he started using his computer and internet to make some extra buck after the work. Putu was solving captchas and doing petty jobs on the internet as well until he came across a big beautiful neon advertisement about 1xbet indonesia. Putu had only 200 US Dollars in his bank account at that time and the game required an initial 99 USD to start. Putu decided to give it a shot and he won. Yes, Putu WON! Putu couldn’t believe what he saw and he got such a huge adrenaline rush with him winning that he would come back from work each day, play PKV Games 99 and wouldn’t go to sleep until he doubled his money. Since then, it has been like that with Putu.

Toni Finklestein claims that most Rabbis live Macaubet lifestyle but they don’t admit it

Toni Finklestein claims that most of the Rabbis that she knows very well are filthy rich people who just act like they are poor.

Most Muslims that Toni knows claim that the greatest gift that Allah could give some human being is Islam and the Book of Quran. The Muslims that Toni knows even claim that all animals on the earth are also Muslims and they know more about the Allah and his miracles than the non-Muslims.

Toni owns a couple of pubs in the downtown area of her city and these pubs are incredibly architected. Toni says that all the restaurants must be converted into pubs to make the world a better place.

Toni has a younger brother for whom she has been looking for a girlfriend, the first thing that Toni looks for in a girl who she thinks is good for her brother is the shape of the breast. Toni looks for the symmetry, the shape, the size, the firmness and if only all 4 things are perfect then only she will go for one.

Toni owns a boutique as well in a plush neighborhood that specializes in creating bridal corsets.

Toni’s mother – Maria has a habit of repeating same stuff over and over again which Toni finds very annoying as Toni seldom repeats anything unless required.

Toni’s sister – Rochelle recently divorced her husband who was very abusive and once pushed Rochelle and hit her head. Rochelle has a huge self-esteem and she is not willing to take any money from Toni, she works 3 different hourly wage jobs – 3 hour each. Rochelle loves to wear jumpers and Toni has already prepared some bridal corsets out of her corset store for Rochelle’s next wedding although neither Toni nor Rochelle has any idea who the lucky man is going to be.

Toni has also advised Rochelle to keep multiplying the wages that she makes by betting on Macaubet. Toni also appreciates the latest live chat macaubet system. He believes that their latest chat system has really helped the gamblers around the world a lot.

Jayden claims that cleansing her karma everyday is the secret behind her good luck

Jayden Twain claims that there are tons of hidden Shamans (people able to communicate with good and evil spirits) in Europe and USA which most people don’t know about. Jayden herself is very much interested in spirituality, she believes in karmic bondages, cleansing her karma time to time and lots of similar stuff.

Jayden is a car enthusiast who has a habit of making predictions about the car world, like she claims that Hyundai’s main USP in the coming times will be what is its biggest weakness currently – Handling (the way their cars steer). Jayden says that the Porsche will be the Toyota (the highest selling car brand) of the 2050s as the people then will prefer the joy of sheer driving and fun over everything else and they will have enough money for the same.

Jayden makes thousands of dollars a day with a particular football betting agent (agen taruhan bola).

Jayden owns several dating blogs and websites that feature guest articles.

Jayden is a firm believer of occult practices. She cleanses her karma everyday. She wears nothing but Levi’s. She loves Pakistani kebabs.

Jayden claims that Aspartame makes her more sexual and beautiful. She never forgets to drink tons of Red Bulls and Diet Pepsi on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Jayden says that only morons get excited enough to forget to use precautions while making love and then get an unwanted baby or a STD as a result.

Jayden’s husband is a software engineer who has been trying to build an innovative and most advanced internet browser ever which he claims will be the best ever, he is planning to name it “Brown Hair”.

Jayden and her husband both find it more fun to stay at budget hotels than the luxury ones. They both also prefer older cars to the new ones.

Haryanvi Indian woman cannot get enough of casino slot machines

Suhasini Dabas is an Indian Jaat woman who moved to the United States at a young age. Suhasini was born to an introvert coal-miner in Hisar, Haryana. Suhasini had an uncle who moved to the US at the age of 22. Suhasini’s father wanted to move to the United States himself when he was young but lost hope of moving there himself when he turned 42, he kept the hope alive for his one and only daughter Suhasini though. Suhasini was always great at studies, the school she studied at in Haryana, India has an excellent track record of scholarships. They sent Suhasini to Kansas, United States on Student Visa to study there.

After moving to the United States, Suhasini didn’t feel very comfortable initially being from a poor circle of India. She didn’t have the etiquette and manners of those US people. She met an Indian guy in her college who too was struggling to fit in the American circle, his name is Pramod. Pramod and Suhasini fell in love as they got to know each other more.

After completing their education, they both got the job offers in America itself and decided to stay in America. The family of both were happy with their decision to stay in the United States and a couple months later of getting jobs, they decided to marry each other and the family of both were happy with their decision as well.

Suhasini never gambled while she still lived in India and in her college days but recently she got herself addicted to online gambling and the main cause of her addiction is her ability to double the salary that she gets each month. She has been especially lucky with casino slot machines which she discovered just 3 weeks ago. She has tripled the money she invested initially successfully with its help within these 3 weeks. She got to know about Lithuanian casino slot machines (kazino zaidimu automatai) after reading an article on a top gambling blog.