Ramla Kayani’s gut says that gambling will make her enough money to start her own dream business

Ramla Kayani is an American-Muslim who was born and raised in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Ramla is a sort of a conspiracy theorist and sometimes her own relatives and friends call her mad. Ramla believes that the Arabs have secret nuclear weapons hidden somewhere which they are going to use to destroy the western world and revive the Khilafah.

About modern Muslim men, Ramla has a lot of negative things to say. Ramla says that the Muslim men love their electronic gadgets, cars, clothes, watches and everything else upmarket but when they can’t afford these luxuries, they start blaming the very worldliness and everything about it including beautiful women. Ramla believes that the afterlife that the Muslims believe in does not and cannot exist.

Ramla lived in Singapore for about 17 months where she noticed that it is one of the worst places to live in. Ramla likes to call Singapore and HongKong – 2 nations without soul. Ramla missed her home and her hometown each and every day of the 17 months that she was in Singapore.

Being from Sindh, Pakistan, Ramla says that she knows more about the Pakistan, the Pakistanis and the typical mentality of a Muslim. Ramla says that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is equivalent to America’s CIA but it is such a financially poor organization that most of their agents come to the office riding on Honda Scooters except the senior-most officials.

Ramla has been wanting to get into laptop messenger bag business since she learnt that there is a lot of profit to be made in this business. Ramla has been regularly betting on different gambling websites, especially Korean websites and in particular, this one – 먹튀검증 which she learnt about through a gambling blog hoping to earn enough dollars to start one of the top world-class laptop messenger bags business.

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