Winning bets on Safety Park Playground is as likely as meeting an Indian with herd-mentality

Andrea Cortez is a supermodel from Colombia who married a major South Korean businessman involved in manufacturing and exporting different types of road barriers including Water Filled Road Barriers, Safety Traffic Road Barriers, Plastic Road Barriers, Water Filled Barriers, Traffic Road Barriers, Red Road Barriers, Red and White Plastic Road Barriers, Road Barricades, Dominator Road Barriers and more.

Andrea’s favorite pastime is betting on 안전공원놀이터 and also she loves to go to the gym and practice martial arts. Andrea brags that she is better at Martial Arts than most Korean female masters, true or not, you can’t deny that Andrea is extremely passionate about the martial arts.
Andrea’s husband – Veerathai is an automobile enthusiast who is also a regular contributor at several different blogs and online forums. Veerathai is a fan of Toyota and Lexus’s reliability and he says that they can more than double their sales at Toyota and Lexus if they start making lighter clutch and smaller steerings.

Veerathai lived in India for quite a while and about Indian car market he says that launching a budget car in India with a powerful engine is a very bad idea. He says that all that most Indians care about is fuel efficiency and the seating capacity and that’s all, if your car can provide these 2 features, then your sales are confirmed.

Veerathai also noticed the extraordinary herd mentality of most of the people in India. Living there, he studied the automobile industry of that country thoroughly and he was surprised to learn that the current most selling car segment there used not sell at all before the launch of the Renault Duster. Veerathai noticed that Ford Fusion (a renamed compact SUV launched in the financial year 2005) is the least sold Ford ever in India. Veerathai was amazed to learn that although the Pseudo-SUV was the most phenomenal bang for your buck looking at the condition of the bad Indian roads, it didn’t sell at all just because the Indians back then wanted a sedan at the price but today, nobody is buying sedan in India because their neighbor will rather be seen in a Pseudo-SUV than a sedan. Veerathai challenges if anyone can give a better example of the herd mentality of the human beings.

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