This professional and one of the highest paid childminders is a conspiracy theorist as well apart from being a gambler

Sania Matula is a professional childminder who is popular all over the internet for her conspiracy theories and her amazing online betting winning ratio. Sania recently won 15000 USD on one single bet with the help of betway88 รหัสคูปอง. Sania is one of the highest paid childminder in her country.

Sania says that one day she will buy a mansion with a huge statue of Aladdin in it.

Sania has interviewed several serial killers, she says all of them without any exception lacked discipline and self-control as children.

Sania’s ex-boyfriend was one of the most superior officers in one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers of the country and that’s where she verified several of her conspiracy theories.

Sania claims that all the satellites will be destroyed by the Iblis because he has taken an oath long ago that he will never let the human beings progress.

Sania claims that there used to be a herb in the prehistoric times after taking which animals, birds, insects and human being could see god and air but that herb was completely destroyed because of over-consumption, drought, floods and many other factors.

Sania claims that the recent attack in the Pulwama district of India in the disputed territory of Kashmir was the work of Israel’s intelligence agency – Mossad. Sania says that Israel fears Pakistan because it is the sole nuclear power among the Islamic nations and that’s why it wants the Pakistan to be destroyed. Sania says that it doesn’t matter to Israel if its second most important ally after the United States – India itself gets destroyed or significantly weaken because of this war. Sania says that Israel has been making this plan for a long while but the previous ruling party – Indian National Congress (INC) wasn’t a puppet of Israel like the current one.

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