Dance instructor is more excited about launching his DVD than he was when he won millions of bahts with online football gambling in 2 weeks

Mike Fox is a dance school owner and instructor from Pattaya, Thailand who believes that a sufficient space inside the dance studio and a good parking space are as necessary for a dance school as good dance instructors are, in the modern times. Mike says that it is a pity that some of the best dance schools and instructors have gone out of the business just because they didn’t have the sufficient space in their dance studio or enough parking space.

Mike is about to launch his dance instruction DVDs for the first time and his entire family including himself are too excited about the same. Mike says that it is even more excitable to him when he wins a great amount online using his football betting formula (สูตรแทงบอล).

Mike says that most college and school pom squads have become pretty useless nowadays.

Mike claims that intelligence plays a huge part in your dance performance, no matter how much an average dance instructor or a reality TV show judge tells you that it plays no role in the same and it is only your spirit that matters, Mike calls bullshit on that.

Mike never gets tired of repeating “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win applies a lot to a successful dancer’s life.”

Mike believes that the day is not far enough when he will be honored by the Thai government. His wife and kids believe that the day is not far enough when he will be honored by the governments of many countries around the world.

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