Wealthy industrialist and author wishes to have that treasure money with bitcoin betting

Johnny Hinojosa is a wealthy industrialist whose company is involved in manufacturing engine oil and lubricants for motorcycle engines.

Johnny’s biggest hobby is reading history books and for the past 18 months or so, he has also been involved in writing eBooks on his most favorite topics. In May of this year, Johnny completed writing a book on the Vikings, I have read that book and I really liked it.

In his book, Johnny claims that a prominent Viking family has hidden tons of gold, silver and diamonds under a secret location in the Sisimut city of Greenland. Johnny says that he really wishes if he can make the same amount of money if he bet with bitcoin enough.

Johnny writes that one Christian priest once told him that the vikings are getting punished with the mass immigration for the crimes their ancestors committed by looting, raping, killing, enslaving people across half of the world.

Johnny claims that Vikings have always hated the Christian religion and it is a myth that they got assimilated into the Christian religion very well. Johnny adds that the greatest proof of the same is that they have always been sexually immoral unlike any other Christian civilization including the African ones and they are also nationalists like no other, they drive nothing but Volvos unless they get bored with the same. Johnny adds that they also have a soft spot for the German cars because they believe that many Germans have same Norse blood in them.

Johnny claims in his book that the Vikings were wiser than most European tribes and they still are that way and that’s the foremost reason why they still have a GDP per capita higher than any other nation in the entire western world.

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