Auto Journalist bought a Kawasaki Z800 with the Toto money, now she needs a tow truck as well

Deborah Becker is an auto journalist from the city of Changwon, South Korea, who says that all those who have been claiming that Nissan committed the biggest blunder by merging with Renault clearly do not know what they are talking about. Deborah believes that merging with Renault was perhaps the smartest decision ever being taken by Nissan and Nissan perhaps couldn’t have been able to survive if it didn’t. Deborah claims that most of the people that talk against Nissan or Renault have never owned one. Deborah agrees on the fact that an average Nissan or Renault is not as reliable as a Honda, Toyota or even a Ford, but she believes that both Nissans and Renaults are a great value for money cars.

Deborah claims that Kawasaki has been thinking about building their own tow trucks . She jokes that their unreliable motorcycles need those tow trucks all the time. To the haters, Deborah conveys that her latest purchase with the 먹튀 money was a Kawasaki Z800, so she knows what she is talking about.

Deborah believes that the first world countries need stricter rules when it comes to the automobiles and the third-world countries need lenient ones, she adds that the second-world countries are good as they are.

Deborah claims that if not for the market of the nations of India and Pakistan, Suzuki wouldn’t have been able to survive at all.

Deborah has mentioned it more than twice that experienced and honest independent mechanics are always far more reliable than the big workshops.

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