Palembang’s neurologist says that he is making so much money with the poker lately that he has started losing his interest in neurology

Dr Nathan Rolofson is a neurologist from the city of Palembang, Indonesia who believes that the frontal lobe has become extremely overrated lately.

Dr Nathan recently wrote on his blog that all the so-called Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who claimed that they have a cure for the Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) have been exposed as frauds once again. Dr Nathan has always warned strongly against the TCM practitioners and more than 20 times so.

Dr Nathan claims that duplicate soda and energy drinks are most responsible for causing most of the infections of the brain lately and he really hopes that the truth of these duplicate soda and energy drinks causing brain infections is revealed in the mainstream media soon enough. Dr Nathan adds that he suspects that many of the not-so-popular and cheaper original energy drinks are also responsible for causing different brain infections and he has promised to his subscribers that he will work on exposing them whenever he has some spare time.

Dr Nathan claims that tantric sex/karezza/edging is responsible for epilepsy in the modern times far greater than anything else that he can think of. Dr Nathan writes that he is amazed that there is not much information available on the internet regarding the dangers of such practices although the internet is full of misinformation regarding these subjects which can even be fatal to a human being’s health.

Dr Nathan says that his addiction to making money with the help of his agen poker has put a full-stop on his project where he was working on creating a non-surgical cure for hydrocephalus.

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