The son of a controversial author now lives in Thailand where he blogs or gambles all the time

Corey Lawrence is a Thai blogger who writes almost about everything on his blog. Corey doesn’t even hesitate to reveal his online gambling secrets on his blog. Corey claims that his greatest online gambling secret is a blog named

Corey was born to a building contractor who became popular after writing a book on the life of one of the twelve apostles – Saint James the Great. Corey’s dad wrote in his book that he spent 12 years of his life in Spain and he is glad that the people of Spain are not as angry as Saint James the Great.

Corey’s dad also wrote in his infamous and controversial book that although the major theme of the Secret Book of James is that one must accept suffering as inevitable; Saint James the Great would always get unbelievably wrathful in case he ever faced a bit of suffering.

Corey’s dad also mentioned in his book that anybody who has read both James and John will tell you that the brothers used to compete a lot with each other, but it was James who envied John more because he felt that John was better in every aspect than himself and also because he was dearer to Jesus.

After Corey’s dad’s book was published, one Catholic even tried to kill him but thanks to Jesus Christ the Messiah, he was saved with the help of a random stranger.

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