Singaporean author of Russian origin – Vladimir Fonfach is the one who introduced me to Singaporean Togel

Vladimir Fonfach is a Singaporean author of Russian origin who has always been obsessed with the Russian history. Vladimir recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the Russian emperor – Rurik. He sent me a free copy and here are some of the excerpts from his book.

In his book, Vladimir writes that Rurik working his hardest and smartest from the age of 30 to 45 is one of the proofs that men hit their peak strength and intelligence between 30-45.

Vladimir writes in his book that he has studied the Jatt people of India and he sees many similarities between Jatts and Varangians. Vladimir writes that till date, nobody has been able to find out the real origins of the Jatt people of India and most likely they were either Scions or Varangians.

Vladimir writes that it is a myth that the Chuds, Eastern Slavs, Merias, Veses and Krivichs invited Rurik in 860 to re-establish the order. Vladimir writes that Rurik and his brothers – Sineus and Trevor were planning to take control of the area since 860 AD and that is evident from all the different documents and evidences.

Vladimir writes in his book that Oleg wasn’t a brother-in-law of Rurik but his illegitimate son instead and this will be proven soon through different evidences.

Vladimir writes that Rurik had a secret medicine for increasing valor which he never shared with anyone, including his brothers or sons. Vladimir claims that Rurik even killed the physician who used to make it for him after Rurik learnt successfully how he could produce it for himself.

You will be surprised to learn that Vladimir is the one who introduced me to pengeluaran sgp and although I don’t know the Mandarin Chinese or Standard Mandarin, I still use it ever since.

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