Zaib Anson needn’t drive a 1997 car anymore, she bought 6 new cars with that Live Casino money

Zaib Anson recently created an online grocery store which she claims will beat all the online grocery stores operating in and from the Arkansas state in the US. The first thing that sold on Zaib’s store was 100 gram black pepper powder and Zaib’s happiness when the store made its first sale cannot be described in words.

Zaib never had an idea that she will ever be able to manage to have enough money to have her online grocery store unless she started betting online on trusted live online casinos (Canlı Bahis).

Zaib has a psychological illness due to which she does bizarre activities in the noon time.

Until Zaib started winning huge amounts on online casinos, she had been driving the same car since since 1997 and already had 400, 000 miles on it. Zaib didn’t have an idea that she will be able to buy 6 new cars in such a short span of time soon enough.

None of Zaib’s cars is a turbo diesel. Zaib says that only idiots buy Turbo diesel cars, it is always better to buy a petrol, electric or hybrid car instead.

Zaib’s online business started a couple of years ago with a wedding blog which she worked extremely hard on but saw no success.

One of Zaib’s brother – Furkan is a biologist, who has been trying to make a bat hybrid on whom he claims, humans will be able to sit on and fly like on a dragon in Chinese myths.

One of Zaib’s sister – Reshma owns a snack bar by the beach that generates a great revenue, more than most of the snack bars in the country.

Sadly, one of Zaib’s brother – Abdullah was a terrorist who planning to blast bombs in Isha Ambani’s (Mukesh Ambani’s daughter) wedding but got caught.

Pakistani-German girl loves reading Thai gambling blogs and betting on ufabet

Fareeha Ajmani was once asked by a random Youtuber – “What do you think about the rise of populism in Europe?” She refused to answer this question although she had a lot to say regarding the same.

Fareeha is the daughter of Pakistani-Muslim parents who traveled to Germany when Fareeha was only 2. They fell in love with the country since the moment they arrived there, it was much more beautiful, peaceful and filled with more positive vibes than they expected.

One of Fareeha’s sisters – Kashmala is a great fan of Indian guru Nithyananda. She introduced the videos and books of Nithyananda to Fareeha. Fareeha doesn’t take Nithyananda seriously at all. She finds his videos and books clickbaity and readbaity. One of his videos was titled – “Willpower doesn’t work”, she clicked on the video and listened to it all, throughout the video she found that this Nithyananda dude was telling that willpower doesn’t work and will-persistence does, it was a 40+ minutes long video and in the entire video, the same guy was telling the same thing in 100 different ways which she thinks is baloney. She says he is just a con-artist, not an enlightened guru, if you want to seek the wisdom of an enlightened guru then check out Sadhguru.

Fareeha recently completed reading ‘Spiritual Enlightenment – The Damnedest Thing’ by Jed McKenna. She reads nearly every time before going to sleep. Last month she finished reading “The Artists Journey” and “Running Down a Dream”.

When Fareeha is not busy reading or working, she is busy betting online on top gambling websites like ufabet. Her experience with the Thai gambling websites has been the best yet and that’s why she bets on those all the time and reads nothing but Thai gambling blogs.

This Indian-American woman preaches to others to only buy Japanese cars while she herself has been on that European cars shopping spree

Patricia Saini is an Indian-American whose father was removed from his position in a Government institution in India after the death of infamous Indian Prime Minister – Rajiv Gandhi in 1991. He decided to move to the United States forever after that and it changed the life of Patricia forever.

Patricia says that she was perhaps destined to be an American and that’s why by coincidence her parents kept her name Patricia, which is a western name. Patricia’s parents were confused between choosing an Indian Punjabi name – Pummy or Patricia but they chose Patricia.

Patricia used to drive Suzuki Vitara until 6 months ago but she has now upgraded to a BMW X5. Although Patricia claims that all the car companies’s conglomerate is making a fool out of the common people. She is against feeding the crocodiles aka car companies and all for boycotting the car companies and using public transport or bicycles for commuting.

Patricia must learn to walk the talk, it has only been 6 months since she bought that BMW X5 and she has already driven it 20, 000 miles. Since Patricia has found a secret called goldenslot to make huge heaps of money, she has been spending tons of money on cars, thinking about cars all the time and all that stuff.

You might have heard of all sorts of magic including sigil magic, black magic, white magic, but have you ever heard of a thing called Rainbow magic? Patricia claims that she knows about a special sort of magic that goes by the name Rainbow magic. Patricia says that the art of rainbow magic is known by only a couple of human beings across the world and those who do know about it, like to keep it a secret in the fear that they don’t lose it. Patricia says that a bunch of genies and angels taught her this art while she was astral projecting.

Wants to achieve his dream of becoming a multi-millionaire with Fun88

Kara Jennovich is a Russian woman who has been the best friend of her Indonesian husband Ketut Iskandar for over last 2 decades. Yes, they are husband and wife and best friends at the same time. It is amazing how well their chemistry has been going for over past 2 decades although they both are from totally different cultures, ethnicity, nations, educational backgrounds, financial backgrounds. They never had any sort of a bad phase in between this 20 year period.

Once Kara’s brother was detained at the Jakarta airport for nothing and Ketut did his best to get him released immediately. When swine flu was rampant in Indonesia, Ketut did his best to make sure that nobody in his family catches it.

Ketut never wanted to go to college and he was forced into it. He wanted to make a lot of money after completing his high school and become a multi-millionaire by the time his friends complete their college education but that didn’t happen.

Ketut’s best friend who was completely out of control committed suicide this year by hanging himself and Ketut instead of feeling bad and sad was happy and he doesn’t even know why.

Ketut has been playing on his favorite gambling website –
ฟัน88 for the past couple of years in a hope to get lucky one day and fulfill his dream of becoming a multi-millionaire. He has been winning most of the times but he still is far from becoming a millionaire in US Dollars let alone a multi-millionaire.

Looking at Ketut’s determination, I am certain that he will be a multi-millionaire soon enough because he has been really pushing it hard. I am not certain as to how he will do it but he will do it.

Ramla Kayani’s gut says that gambling will make her enough money to start her own dream business

Ramla Kayani is an American-Muslim who was born and raised in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Ramla is a sort of a conspiracy theorist and sometimes her own relatives and friends call her mad. Ramla believes that the Arabs have secret nuclear weapons hidden somewhere which they are going to use to destroy the western world and revive the Khilafah.

About modern Muslim men, Ramla has a lot of negative things to say. Ramla says that the Muslim men love their electronic gadgets, cars, clothes, watches and everything else upmarket but when they can’t afford these luxuries, they start blaming the very worldliness and everything about it including beautiful women. Ramla believes that the afterlife that the Muslims believe in does not and cannot exist.

Ramla lived in Singapore for about 17 months where she noticed that it is one of the worst places to live in. Ramla likes to call Singapore and HongKong – 2 nations without soul. Ramla missed her home and her hometown each and every day of the 17 months that she was in Singapore.

Being from Sindh, Pakistan, Ramla says that she knows more about the Pakistan, the Pakistanis and the typical mentality of a Muslim. Ramla says that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan is equivalent to America’s CIA but it is such a financially poor organization that most of their agents come to the office riding on Honda Scooters except the senior-most officials.

Ramla has been wanting to get into laptop messenger bag business since she learnt that there is a lot of profit to be made in this business. Ramla has been regularly betting on different gambling websites, especially Korean websites and in particular, this one – 먹튀검증 which she learnt about through a gambling blog hoping to earn enough dollars to start one of the top world-class laptop messenger bags business.

Bella is a Doctor of Law, an expert in Java responsible for hundreds of apps and she recommends Buku Mimpi over poker

Bella Toyoda is a highly educated lady born to a Scottish mother and a Japanese father. Bella Toyoda is a Doctor of Law – LLD and an expert in one of the most popular and utilized computer languages – Java. Bella has been practicing the Java language for over 21 years now, she started practicing Java in the year 1997 and she is responsible for creating several top softwares and programs with the language including video games, chatrooms and more.

Bella claims that the government of her country didn’t let her launch several of her simple apps and they made lame excuses why it cannot be launched whereas the government on one side is promoting the pornographic and violent material indirectly. Bella says that the pure intention of her banned apps were to help the common people look for the right books, right locations, right clothing and related stuff.

Bella says that the government seems to have a hidden agenda and nobody except the top few know the real truth about what the topmost leaders or the western European countries including the France, Germany, Scandinavian countries, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia and China are up to.

Bella’s father was a honest civil servant and Bella says that her father always used to be skeptical about the intentions of the government and he always doubted that the conspiracy theorists are somewhat right about many things. Anyhow, Bella’s dad also doubted that 99% of the conspiracy theorists are the stooges of the government itself and their theories are exaggerated dramas intended to deflate the common people from the real facts that some honest, extrovert and fearless CIA, DEA and FBI agents expose about the government’s real intentions.

Bella recently shifted from poker to lottery after reading thousands of positive reviews for buku mimpi togel.

Dalia Blatt can’t stop missing her old and long Panasonic mobile phones since she discovered UFABET

Dalia Blatt has million dollar memories with old Panasonic mobile phones. Dalia Blatt bores her kids, her younger friends and several other people with her Panasonic mobile tales several times.

Dalia never compromises on the quality of the food served at her Japanese Bullet train-themed restaurant. Dalia recently bought the land surrounding her restaurant and turned it into a small hotel. Dalia’s ultimate aim is to build the largest 3 star hotel chain ever with its forte being its food and theme styled restaurants.

Dalia recalls the days when she was struggling and once when she joined a company that offered her thrice the salary of what she received at the company that she worked for but later turned out that this company was a fake on, they ran away with the free work that they received from all the employees including Dalia. Dalia’s life story is full of adventures and twists, Dalia took a bold step when she decided to never work for anyone else again and learnt online gambling skills from different gambling blogs like this one and succeeded in making a fortune with UFABET.

Dalia did a huge research on why most kids of elites are academics and she came to the conclusion that it is because they receive intelligent genetics, tons of support from their parents, are healthier and fitter due to the great quality food that they eat and almost never have to work part-time.

Dalia is a psychologist who is internationally popular for her innovative ways of curing her patients which sometimes even includes things like sexual encounters, picnics together and even tourism.

Dalia says that most modern world leaders including the ex-Prime Minister of India – Dr. Manmohan Singh have a herd mentality which is quite astonishing looking at their resumes.

This Judi Online crazy woman is going to launch an email service and name it ‘BigHipsRedLips’

Binti Howarth’s whole family is involved in the internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization or Web Designing business one way or another. Binti is herself struggling to make her mark as the most successful in the world of internet among her family members. Binti is very crazy and this fact is evident from the fact that she is launching an email service which she is going to name ‘BigHipsRedLips’.

Binti sounds even crazier when she says that she sometimes even forgets to breathe when she gets intimate with her Dentist husband. Binti says that she doesn’t worry about dying at that moment as she is certain that if she ever gets unconscious which she never has yet, her dentist husband will save her.

Binti’s husband is very blunt and he sometimes even doesn’t mind telling his pre-marital sexual affairs with other women to Binti. He once told Binti about a whorish Indian Punjabi woman whom he met at Kuala Lumpur while he was there for treating one of his most regular patients along with some training. Binti doesn’t mind as these stories never fail to make Binti wet and ready for another session. Binti says that she doesn’t care about what her husband used to do before meeting her but if he ever cheats on him ever again while they are married, she is not going to tolerate it.

Binti claims that instead of making her more alert, coffee makes her even sleepier and whenever she has to drink coffee in order to socialize, she starts gambling on online websites (Situs Judi Online) in order to make herself alert again.

Binti says that no matter what, she never forgets to apply deodorant on her breasts.

This professional and one of the highest paid childminders is a conspiracy theorist as well apart from being a gambler

Sania Matula is a professional childminder who is popular all over the internet for her conspiracy theories and her amazing online betting winning ratio. Sania recently won 15000 USD on one single bet with the help of betway88 รหัสคูปอง. Sania is one of the highest paid childminder in her country.

Sania says that one day she will buy a mansion with a huge statue of Aladdin in it.

Sania has interviewed several serial killers, she says all of them without any exception lacked discipline and self-control as children.

Sania’s ex-boyfriend was one of the most superior officers in one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers of the country and that’s where she verified several of her conspiracy theories.

Sania claims that all the satellites will be destroyed by the Iblis because he has taken an oath long ago that he will never let the human beings progress.

Sania claims that there used to be a herb in the prehistoric times after taking which animals, birds, insects and human being could see god and air but that herb was completely destroyed because of over-consumption, drought, floods and many other factors.

Sania claims that the recent attack in the Pulwama district of India in the disputed territory of Kashmir was the work of Israel’s intelligence agency – Mossad. Sania says that Israel fears Pakistan because it is the sole nuclear power among the Islamic nations and that’s why it wants the Pakistan to be destroyed. Sania says that it doesn’t matter to Israel if its second most important ally after the United States – India itself gets destroyed or significantly weaken because of this war. Sania says that Israel has been making this plan for a long while but the previous ruling party – Indian National Congress (INC) wasn’t a puppet of Israel like the current one.

Winning bets on Safety Park Playground is as likely as meeting an Indian with herd-mentality

Andrea Cortez is a supermodel from Colombia who married a major South Korean businessman involved in manufacturing and exporting different types of road barriers including Water Filled Road Barriers, Safety Traffic Road Barriers, Plastic Road Barriers, Water Filled Barriers, Traffic Road Barriers, Red Road Barriers, Red and White Plastic Road Barriers, Road Barricades, Dominator Road Barriers and more.

Andrea’s favorite pastime is betting on 안전공원놀이터 and also she loves to go to the gym and practice martial arts. Andrea brags that she is better at Martial Arts than most Korean female masters, true or not, you can’t deny that Andrea is extremely passionate about the martial arts.
Andrea’s husband – Veerathai is an automobile enthusiast who is also a regular contributor at several different blogs and online forums. Veerathai is a fan of Toyota and Lexus’s reliability and he says that they can more than double their sales at Toyota and Lexus if they start making lighter clutch and smaller steerings.

Veerathai lived in India for quite a while and about Indian car market he says that launching a budget car in India with a powerful engine is a very bad idea. He says that all that most Indians care about is fuel efficiency and the seating capacity and that’s all, if your car can provide these 2 features, then your sales are confirmed.

Veerathai also noticed the extraordinary herd mentality of most of the people in India. Living there, he studied the automobile industry of that country thoroughly and he was surprised to learn that the current most selling car segment there used not sell at all before the launch of the Renault Duster. Veerathai noticed that Ford Fusion (a renamed compact SUV launched in the financial year 2005) is the least sold Ford ever in India. Veerathai was amazed to learn that although the Pseudo-SUV was the most phenomenal bang for your buck looking at the condition of the bad Indian roads, it didn’t sell at all just because the Indians back then wanted a sedan at the price but today, nobody is buying sedan in India because their neighbor will rather be seen in a Pseudo-SUV than a sedan. Veerathai challenges if anyone can give a better example of the herd mentality of the human beings.

Dance instructor is more excited about launching his DVD than he was when he won millions of bahts with online football gambling in 2 weeks

Mike Fox is a dance school owner and instructor from Pattaya, Thailand who believes that a sufficient space inside the dance studio and a good parking space are as necessary for a dance school as good dance instructors are, in the modern times. Mike says that it is a pity that some of the best dance schools and instructors have gone out of the business just because they didn’t have the sufficient space in their dance studio or enough parking space.

Mike is about to launch his dance instruction DVDs for the first time and his entire family including himself are too excited about the same. Mike says that it is even more excitable to him when he wins a great amount online using his football betting formula (สูตรแทงบอล).

Mike says that most college and school pom squads have become pretty useless nowadays.

Mike claims that intelligence plays a huge part in your dance performance, no matter how much an average dance instructor or a reality TV show judge tells you that it plays no role in the same and it is only your spirit that matters, Mike calls bullshit on that.

Mike never gets tired of repeating “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win applies a lot to a successful dancer’s life.”

Mike believes that the day is not far enough when he will be honored by the Thai government. His wife and kids believe that the day is not far enough when he will be honored by the governments of many countries around the world.

Wealthy industrialist and author wishes to have that treasure money with bitcoin betting

Johnny Hinojosa is a wealthy industrialist whose company is involved in manufacturing engine oil and lubricants for motorcycle engines.

Johnny’s biggest hobby is reading history books and for the past 18 months or so, he has also been involved in writing eBooks on his most favorite topics. In May of this year, Johnny completed writing a book on the Vikings, I have read that book and I really liked it.

In his book, Johnny claims that a prominent Viking family has hidden tons of gold, silver and diamonds under a secret location in the Sisimut city of Greenland. Johnny says that he really wishes if he can make the same amount of money if he bet with bitcoin enough.

Johnny writes that one Christian priest once told him that the vikings are getting punished with the mass immigration for the crimes their ancestors committed by looting, raping, killing, enslaving people across half of the world.

Johnny claims that Vikings have always hated the Christian religion and it is a myth that they got assimilated into the Christian religion very well. Johnny adds that the greatest proof of the same is that they have always been sexually immoral unlike any other Christian civilization including the African ones and they are also nationalists like no other, they drive nothing but Volvos unless they get bored with the same. Johnny adds that they also have a soft spot for the German cars because they believe that many Germans have same Norse blood in them.

Johnny claims in his book that the Vikings were wiser than most European tribes and they still are that way and that’s the foremost reason why they still have a GDP per capita higher than any other nation in the entire western world.

Auto Journalist bought a Kawasaki Z800 with the Toto money, now she needs a tow truck as well

Deborah Becker is an auto journalist from the city of Changwon, South Korea, who says that all those who have been claiming that Nissan committed the biggest blunder by merging with Renault clearly do not know what they are talking about. Deborah believes that merging with Renault was perhaps the smartest decision ever being taken by Nissan and Nissan perhaps couldn’t have been able to survive if it didn’t. Deborah claims that most of the people that talk against Nissan or Renault have never owned one. Deborah agrees on the fact that an average Nissan or Renault is not as reliable as a Honda, Toyota or even a Ford, but she believes that both Nissans and Renaults are a great value for money cars.

Deborah claims that Kawasaki has been thinking about building their own tow trucks . She jokes that their unreliable motorcycles need those tow trucks all the time. To the haters, Deborah conveys that her latest purchase with the 먹튀 money was a Kawasaki Z800, so she knows what she is talking about.

Deborah believes that the first world countries need stricter rules when it comes to the automobiles and the third-world countries need lenient ones, she adds that the second-world countries are good as they are.

Deborah claims that if not for the market of the nations of India and Pakistan, Suzuki wouldn’t have been able to survive at all.

Deborah has mentioned it more than twice that experienced and honest independent mechanics are always far more reliable than the big workshops.

Auto Journalist from Batu bets on Bolasport to buy a Suzuki RG400

Debra Becker is an auto journalist from the city of Batu, East Java who says that she is amazed at the fact that the auto-makers are not focusing much on the Eurasian Steppe and Eastern European market for making or selling their products there. Debra really wishes that one day she makes enough money with the help of her favorite Agen Bola to fulfill her dream of having an auto maker company that will be headquartered in some Eastern European or Eurasian Steppe country.

Debra recently read that one auto maker in India has been offering one free deodorant with each car sold following the current great depression in the Indian auto industry, which Debra finds to be pretty stupid.

Debra recently made a post on her blog stating that she has been looking for a Suzuki RG400 on a limited budget. Debra claims that she can make thousands of dollars with just selling one but she is not able to find one that she can afford without selling her house. Debra’s only hope now seems to be bolasport which she has been betting day and night on with the expectation of making thousands of dollars a day soon enough.

Debra claims that it is always more prudent to choose a car maker that built ships or aircrafts before they started to manufacture cars than a car maker than used to build sewing machines, motorcycles or was involved in construction of the buildings before they got into building cars.

Palembang’s neurologist says that he is making so much money with the poker lately that he has started losing his interest in neurology

Dr Nathan Rolofson is a neurologist from the city of Palembang, Indonesia who believes that the frontal lobe has become extremely overrated lately.

Dr Nathan recently wrote on his blog that all the so-called Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who claimed that they have a cure for the Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) have been exposed as frauds once again. Dr Nathan has always warned strongly against the TCM practitioners and more than 20 times so.

Dr Nathan claims that duplicate soda and energy drinks are most responsible for causing most of the infections of the brain lately and he really hopes that the truth of these duplicate soda and energy drinks causing brain infections is revealed in the mainstream media soon enough. Dr Nathan adds that he suspects that many of the not-so-popular and cheaper original energy drinks are also responsible for causing different brain infections and he has promised to his subscribers that he will work on exposing them whenever he has some spare time.

Dr Nathan claims that tantric sex/karezza/edging is responsible for epilepsy in the modern times far greater than anything else that he can think of. Dr Nathan writes that he is amazed that there is not much information available on the internet regarding the dangers of such practices although the internet is full of misinformation regarding these subjects which can even be fatal to a human being’s health.

Dr Nathan says that his addiction to making money with the help of his agen poker has put a full-stop on his project where he was working on creating a non-surgical cure for hydrocephalus.

The son of a controversial author now lives in Thailand where he blogs or gambles all the time

Corey Lawrence is a Thai blogger who writes almost about everything on his blog. Corey doesn’t even hesitate to reveal his online gambling secrets on his blog. Corey claims that his greatest online gambling secret is a blog named

Corey was born to a building contractor who became popular after writing a book on the life of one of the twelve apostles – Saint James the Great. Corey’s dad wrote in his book that he spent 12 years of his life in Spain and he is glad that the people of Spain are not as angry as Saint James the Great.

Corey’s dad also wrote in his infamous and controversial book that although the major theme of the Secret Book of James is that one must accept suffering as inevitable; Saint James the Great would always get unbelievably wrathful in case he ever faced a bit of suffering.

Corey’s dad also mentioned in his book that anybody who has read both James and John will tell you that the brothers used to compete a lot with each other, but it was James who envied John more because he felt that John was better in every aspect than himself and also because he was dearer to Jesus.

After Corey’s dad’s book was published, one Catholic even tried to kill him but thanks to Jesus Christ the Messiah, he was saved with the help of a random stranger.

Singaporean author of Russian origin – Vladimir Fonfach is the one who introduced me to Singaporean Togel

Vladimir Fonfach is a Singaporean author of Russian origin who has always been obsessed with the Russian history. Vladimir recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the Russian emperor – Rurik. He sent me a free copy and here are some of the excerpts from his book.

In his book, Vladimir writes that Rurik working his hardest and smartest from the age of 30 to 45 is one of the proofs that men hit their peak strength and intelligence between 30-45.

Vladimir writes in his book that he has studied the Jatt people of India and he sees many similarities between Jatts and Varangians. Vladimir writes that till date, nobody has been able to find out the real origins of the Jatt people of India and most likely they were either Scions or Varangians.

Vladimir writes that it is a myth that the Chuds, Eastern Slavs, Merias, Veses and Krivichs invited Rurik in 860 to re-establish the order. Vladimir writes that Rurik and his brothers – Sineus and Trevor were planning to take control of the area since 860 AD and that is evident from all the different documents and evidences.

Vladimir writes in his book that Oleg wasn’t a brother-in-law of Rurik but his illegitimate son instead and this will be proven soon through different evidences.

Vladimir writes that Rurik had a secret medicine for increasing valor which he never shared with anyone, including his brothers or sons. Vladimir claims that Rurik even killed the physician who used to make it for him after Rurik learnt successfully how he could produce it for himself.

You will be surprised to learn that Vladimir is the one who introduced me to pengeluaran sgp and although I don’t know the Mandarin Chinese or Standard Mandarin, I still use it ever since.

Dessert is temporary, sbobet ball gambling is forever

Diana Simbolon owns an ice cream and coffee shop in the Malang city, Indonesia which serves only ice creams in the summers and spring seasons and only coffee in the autumn and the winter seasons.

Diana’s shop sells desserts all 12 months and although the thing that sells the most at Diana’s shop before 12 noon are the desserts, she herself doesn’t like it as she is too health conscious personally. Diana spends most of her time before 12 noon sbobet betting and she loves it so much that she can never get enough of it, not a day has passed by for over a year when she didn’t spend a few hours soccer betting before 12 noon. It didn’t matter whether Diana was suffering with flu or something else, she always had her agen bola sbobet busy at this time.

Diana is a blogger as well with an interest in ballet and choreography. Diana writes on her blog that Erik Bruhn would have been extremely happy if they created the Erik Bruhn Prize when he was still alive. She adds that she met some of Erik’s nephews and nieces and they are very happy that they created the Erik Bruhn Prize.

Diana is also obsessed with the Russian history and she writes that it is a false notion that Saint Olga had the Drevlians that proposed her to marry their Prince Mal buried alive but rather they were first killed by the swords of the Saint Olga’s soldiers and then buried later on.

Diana doesn’t agree with those that claim that Saint Olga doesn’t deserve to be called a saint because of her obliteration of the Drevlians, while others say the opposite. Diana adds that whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Saint Olga was one of the most devout Christians that Russia has ever seen.