Indian restaurant owner from Jeju-si city spends all night betting online when he is in a bad mood

Brian Johnson has been owning and managing an Indian restaurant in the Jeju-si city of South Korea for the past 8 years now.

Brian recently mentioned on the official blog of his restaurant that buffet is losing its significance, earlier 40% of the business at his restaurant used to be buffet only but that is not the case for the past 3 years although the sales of the restaurant have increased a lot during these past 3 years.

Brian recently made a post about how much the Korean wives of the Indian husbands love his restaurant and they are the ones that have the highest ratio of leaving a positive feedback on the restaurant directories and Google Places for the restaurant.

Brian writes on his Blog that most Non-Indians that love the Indian food, love it for the spices used in making it.

Brian’s restaurant also serves Khamiri roti which is originally an Arab form of bread but is eaten largely throughout India since the Mughal era.

Brian has only Punjabi chefs that do the chicken and he brags on his blog that nobody cooks the chicken like the Punjabis do.

Brian claims that the Indian co-workers are making the Indian food popular across the globe.

Brian recently made a post about how two co-workers once came to his restaurant and they got brutal over the argument that whether naan has Indian or Iranian origin. During the fight, one guy’s face was literally bleeding due to the punches he received from the other guy. Brian got in such a bad mood that day that he couldn’t sleep and spent all night betting on 먹튀검증.

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