Restaurateur husband and Dance Instructor wife join each other on Weekend Night to bet on a Live Casino

Daniel Addy is a proud owner of a Chinese restaurant located in the Downtown area of Miami city. Daniel writes on the official blog of his restaurant that some people who never appreciated the hospitality, courtesy and service of a Chinese restaurant, did it for the very first time at his restaurant and told him about it as well and he couldn’t be any happier.

Daniel hires nobody but struggling immigrant Chinese models to serve the food at the restaurant and as delivery boys and girls. Although, the waiters and delivery people are all immigrant Chinese models at Daniel’s restaurant, about half of the chefs are Non-Chinese.

Daniel’s wife – Kay runs and owns a dance school in the Miami city and she also has a popular official blog about her business just like Daniel. Kay has also been running a children’s choir for the past 11 years now, outside her dance school.

Kay writes on the official blog of her dance school that although there aren’t many people interested in ballet anymore, it is still the most taught form of dance around the world, hip-hop comes secondary followed closely by the contemporary.

Kay also claims that some dancers with regional awards perform surprisingly better than the ones that have won national awards in the past, which shows that award is not everything or the end of the world for a dancer.

Kay claims that lyrical dance classes is the future of the dance schools and although there are very few songs with good lyrics nowadays that are produced each year, there is no denying that lyrical dance classes are still the future.

Each Saturday and Sunday, Kay and Daniel bet on Live Casino along before finally making love. They both say that weekend is the best time for both of them.

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