Tea importer and exporter believes that if Thomas Aquinas took some chill pill with gambling, he would be Anti-War

Russel Stewart is an American born Thailand national who imports Darjeeling tea and Chinese Green Tea to Thailand and USA. Russel has made tens of millions of dollars with his business and that hasn’t been able to take him away from his faith – the Catholic religion.

Russel recently completed writing his first book – ‘Aquinas – The Forgotten Man but not his Teachings’. A book on the teachings and life of the Saint Thomas Aquinas, which Russel claims is going to be a bestseller among the Catholic audience and he has taken a vow to donate all the money that he makes with the book to a honest NGO that works for the welfare of the orphans.

Russel claims to have met the infamous former WWE and WCW Jewish wrestler – Bill Goldberg in his book and how even after being a Jew, Bill Goldberg has the highest respect for the Catholic man named Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Russel has argued that Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Pro-War attitude stems from his suppressed sexuality which he clearly spent a great deal of his life fighting against. Russel writes that it is mentioned in thousands years old Hindu scriptures and texts that a suppressed sexuality is something very dangerous and turns the man/woman into a very violent being. Russel adds that the medical science is also in favor of these statements nowadays.

Russel writes that his grandfather used to speak about Saint Thomas Aquinas’ Just War as “Nothing else but just war”. Russel adds that it can be told by looking at Saint Thomas Aquinas face that he is an extremely violent and angry man.

Russel believes that if Saint Thomas Aquinas could get enough time to take a chill pill with some online gambling (먹튀), he would definitely be against the wars.

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