Stock Broker says that football gambling is far more fun and thrilling than stock brokering

Dawood Movia is a 49 year old full-time stock market trader from the city of Bandung in Indonesia. Dawood brags that not a single month has passed by where suffered any sort of loss in his business.

Dawood recently wanted himself and his aging wife to undergo PRP Priapus and PRP Orgasm but his wife declined it and so did Dawood later on after they both checked one by one that there is not much information available regarding the safety of these procedures. They have decided that even if they ever undergo these procedures in the near future, they are going to choose nothing but the topmost surgeons for the same, no matter whether the surgeon practices in Indonesia or some other nation. They are willing to spend the top dime for it and also the time.

Dawood recently completed reading the book – “J.K. Rowling – Biography of J.K. Rowling” by Sean Smith. He says that it is one of the worst books that he ever read.

Dawood says that buying a Range Rover for himself and a Jaguar XJ for his beloved wife on their 20th Wedding Anniversary was one of the worst decisions that he ever made. He has both the vehicles now listed on different internet vehicle classified websites but nobody is willing to buy the same for 40% of the price that he bought it for just 2 years earlier.

Being a stock broker, which is also a kind of a gamble, Dawood still separately involves himself in online football gambling (Judi Bola) regularly and he says that he loves it more than anything else.

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