This Russian conspiracy theorist doesn’t believe in the evolution theory but he believes that betting brings good luck

Sergie Morozov is a Russian author and blogger from the beach city of Sochi. Sergie recently wrote a book dedicated to one of his Christian heroes – St Augustine of Hippo. After Sergie wrote this book, he spent 3 complete days and night doing nothing but betting on as a form of celebration.

Sergie’s book starts with the statement “God exists and evolution is a Bullshit theory, but God doesn’t give a damn about whether you believe in him, love him, praise him or worship him.”

In his book, Sergie has written that on the one side, St Augustine claimed that the Jews are the chosen ones and on the other, he claimed that the scattering of the Jews was the fulfillment of the prophecy which makes him sound like he was either happy about the bad circumstances of the Jews or he was a Roman agent.

Sergie says that he is very certain that his book is going to be a controversial one but he doesn’t care, he has only mentioned what he feels to be the truth, in his book.

Sergie is also a conspiracy theorist who claims that the Illuminati deliberately promotes people belonging to the LGBT community to spread sexual degeneracy and maintain their control all over the world. He wrote that Ellen DeGeneres is one such example. He added that this is something really out of Aldous Huxley’s New World Order.

Sergie also wrote recently that the Judeo-Christian alliance can turn into an Islamic-Christian alliance if the Jews don’t stop insulting Jesus and their Popes like they do. He posted a video of the comedian Sarah Silverman insulting Jesus after ending this post of his.

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