It is amazing how so many Gardeners and Landscapers of New Zealand can’t go to sleep unless they bet some

Katherine Bellmore is a gardener and landscaper by profession. Katherine just came back to New Zealand after making a trip of entire India where she studied the Patidar community just like her anthropologist hero – David Francis Pocock who is not her hero anymore after she could study the Patidar people of Gujarat, India herself.

Katherine writes on her blog that David Francis Pocock always wanted to be an engineer after seeing the success of Henry Ford but because he wasn’t great at studies, he had to take up English literature rather as his main subject and anthropology later on. Katherine further adds that he only regretted being an anthropologist.

Katherine claims that the personal chair that was awarded to Pocock was the reward given to him by the British-American alliance for encouraging their divide and rule policy.

Katherine also doubts that David Francis Pocock could be a Roman Catholic Church agent. Katherine has this doubt because David Francis Pocock is overly celebrated in the newspaper – The Guardian and she believes that they mostly celebrate and promote Roman Catholic Church agents only in The Guardian.

Katherine also met a group of people belonging to one of the most prominent Right-Wing Indian organizations that claimed that David Francis Pocock used to visit different prisons of different parts of the world because he wanted to recruit some for a major conspiracy that he along with some others had planned.

Katherine adds that it is funny how the Right-Wing Indian organizations of India are all after the Christians belonging to different sects after they are done messing up with the Muslims.

Katherine missed New Zealand throughout her time in India and a day didn’t go by when she didn’t bet on nzd online casinos before going off to sleep while she was in India.

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