Chef, dancer, choreographer and blogger from Sa Pa believes that the Indians love Bitcoin Gambling as much as their Vietnamese counterparts

Ashley Dong is a chef, dancer, choreographer and blogger who believes that they are selling some of the unhealthiest and plain pizzas in India and that’s the reason why Ashley wants to create some of the healthiest and delicious pizzas for the Indian market. Ashley says that the Indians don’t like the pizzas that they do in Vietnam and she has some innovative ideas about what the Indians may like.

Ashley says that there is one thing that the Indians like as much as the Vietnamese do and it is called Bitcoin Gambling. Ashley claims to have won hundreds of bitcoins in a short while with Bitcoin Gambling and she says that she won’t be surprised if she wins double the amount of what she has already won within the coming same time period.

About choreography, Ashley says that there is no denying that one of things that Bollywood and India is great at is dancing and choreography. Ashley says that Hinduism is one of the very few religions that instead of talking against dance, preaches for it and many of their gods including the greatest of them all – Mahadeva (Super God in English) is a dancer as well.

Ashley further says that the people have got so bored of the Bollywood dance numbers to the extent that they get bored, anxious or angry the moment they hear the word ‘Bollywood’.

On her blog, Ashley has warned multiple times to not trust the choreographers that do charity just to flaunt the same on their websites and/or other places. Ashley says that the real charity begins at your home and for a choreographer, it begins at their studio and if one choreographer wants to do charity, then he/she must become unbeatable at their work, which for Ashley requires a lot of effort and a person who is determined to do so cannot waste enough time bragging about their charity everywhere.

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