Tangerang bookstore owner loves betting sites as much as she does books

Dilar Akyol owns a very popular book store in the city of Tangerang in Indonesia. Dilar has an even popular blog dedicated to her book store which she updates every fifth day.

On her book, Dilar says that it is not hidden from anybody that some book stores have really become landmarks within their neighborhood, she says that she wants to create a book store so big that it becomes a landmark for the entire Tangerang city.

Dilar writes that gone are the days when a book store owner could reply harshly to a negative comment on Trustpilot and get away with it, now the customers are so demanding that they take into consideration each and everything about you, including how you replied to somebody who used your products/services once and no matter how rude your customer gets with you, you ought not be the same or you are finished. Dilar writes that it is worst for the online businesses.

Dilar writes that if you have an average bookstore than you can expect nothing but average sales at maximum.

Dilar says that gone are the days when you could charge premium for a book and get away with it. Nowadays, the customers are so smart, they will leave a negative feedback if you do that. Dilar claims that you have to charge the least possible while providing the best service possible as well.

Dilar writes that since the advent of the internet, people aren’t interested in reading their local authors as much as they do the international ones. Dilar says that she understood it very early and that’s one of the reasons behind her bookstore’s extraordinary success.

Dilar encourages her customers to bet online and she has a list of most trusted betting websites (Agen Sbobet Terpercaya) pasted on one of the walls of her bookstore as well.

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