Book store owner from Batam claims that selling books was never as tough before

Melek Batuk owns a very popular book store cum cafe cum library in Batam, Indonesia who claims that only having a large collection of books and novels in both national and international languages is not enough for a book store anymore. Melek says that a book shop owner has to care as much about the cafe in his book store if not more as he does about the books in it.

Melek also claims that a book store owner is required to be both aware about the books that he sells along with being passionate about the trade.

Melek says that no matter what, he will never keep board games in his book store. Melek says that most of his ‘true’ competitors have board games at their book stores but Melek couldn’t care less. He believes that keeping board games in a book store is unprofessional and unethical and he will never do something which is both unethical and unprofessional with his beloved trade that he inherited from his ancestors.

Melek has always had a love-hate relationship with the customers that come primarily for tea and cake to his book store. Melek says that they don’t appreciate the books as much as they appreciate the tea and the cake and that’s why he feels such pity for them all.

Melek claims that tea is gaining more popularity among the book lovers and coffee is seeing reduced popularity among the books lovers with each day.

Melek claims that he wins enough money with regularly betting on Bandar Judi Online that is enough for the renovation and other innovations, experiments and new offerings on his store. Melek doesn’t consider betting bad at all and he says that he is going to give all the knowledge he has about betting to his sons once they grow up.

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