Jani Oiva could start her own toy store with the help of this reliable AgenQQ

Jani Oiva is the mother of a 5 year old and a toy store owner. There is a reason why I introduced Jani as the mother of a 5 year old before mentioning that she is a toy store owner. Before Jani gave birth to this child of hers, she used to be a HR Executive at an IT firm but her little one really changed her mind and for the first time, she decided to have her own business and that too related to the toys.

Jani has been maintaining a very beautiful and interesting blog dedicated to her store, the toy industry and the future of it since the very first day of inaugurating this business of hers. On her blog, Jani writes that Japanese anime toys were never so popular before worldwide and especially, the Indonesian market before, thanks to the growing anime culture in the cartoons, video games and Youtube.

On her blog, Jani claims that one of the greatest blunders that you can commit as a toy store owner is to forget about the adults/parents while making your store a fun experience for the kids. Jani says that along with being amusement time for a kid, it is also amusement time for the parents when they go out to buy toys for their kids.

Jani claims to have a secret that will bring about a revolution in the world of toy industry. She says that she needs a lot of funding to turn into reality and it will need a lot of money being spent on its promotion. Jani says that the secret is going to remain a secret until and unless she is featured in the Indonesian version of the Shark Tank.

Jani didn’t work for 2 complete long years during the time of giving birth to her young one and she says that it was only AgenQQ that helped her back then.

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