SBOBet Agent learnt Spanish from Jakarta School in the pursuit of expanding his business

Adnan Pangestu owns and runs a Spanish language school in a plush neighborhood of East Jakarta. Adnan has a very popular and well-maintained blog on the official website of his Spanish language school where he regularly posts interesting stuff.

On his school’s blog, Adnan says that it is amazing to see so many teachers from Non-Hispanic background (ethnicity and community) speaking better Spanish than their Hispanic counterparts and they are really passionate about the language as well. Adnan adds that most of the teachers at his school are Non-Hispanic.

Adnan says that what is more surprising is that even people that are already fluent in reading, speaking and writing the Spanish language come to his school to improve their command in the language. Adnan says that it sounds normal for a school in the Spain or a Latin country and even Florida, US but it really makes him proud to have a Spanish school in Indonesia where native Spanish speakers come to improve their command in their mother tongue.

Adnan also finds some things extremely annoying and one of those are overly caring parents. Adnan says that no matter how much care their children receive, these parents are never satisfied, Adnan says that it is a good thing on one side but extremely annoying on the other.

Adnan claims that more Indonesian parents are admitting their kids to the language schools than ever before. Adnan says that the Indonesian parents are not anymore satisfied with their kids being bilingual, they want to see them become trilingual instead.

Adnan even didn’t hesitate to write on his blog the story of a SBOBet Agent (Agen sbobet) who learnt the Spanish language from Adnan in order to expand his business and was extremely frank with Adnan about his business pursuits and Adnan was appreciative of his efforts as well.

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