Bandung Poker girl is a Pro-Marxist and a Che Guevara lover

Kari Anderson owns a popular ice cream shop in the Bandung city of Indonesia. Kari is a blogger as well and lately she has been writing a lot of posts in favor of Marxism and she claims to be one of the biggest fans of Che Guevara in Indonesia.

Kari believes that if Che Guevara didn’t acquire the position of Finance Minister and President of the National Bank, he wouldn’t have been killed by the CIA as becoming Finance Minister and President of the National Bank brought him into the greatest limelight of his life and that was the moment when CIA realized that if this man could achieve so much at such a young age, he can be extremely dangerous to the capitalistic countries, especially the USA. In short, Kari says that what made Che reach the Zenith of his life, made him the most feared person by some and proved to be the reason for his death.

Kari says that there is no denying that it was long ago predicted that communism and socialism both will not be able to survive as they go against the human nature but if there were neither of these, capitalism couldn’t have survived either as a lot of ideas in the capitalism have been stolen from the socialism and communism.

Kari also claims that Che Guevara was highly critical of the formation of the nation of Pakistan but she has never heard or read anybody mentioning it.

Kari claims that the USSR criticizing the death of Che Guevara was not for the love and respect for Che but for the hatred against the USA.

When Kari is not eating, sleeping, blogging, managing her ice cream shop, she can often be found betting on a trusted poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya)

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