Cape Town is the most underrated heaven on earth according to this dermatologist and his wife

Lucia Sanborn inherited a very successful shoe and clothing manufacturing company from her father after he died back in the year 2011.

Lucia recently came into an alliance with one of the topmost fashion designers in her nation in order to create some of the most stylish woolen shoes for the babies and kids below 4 years of age. Lucia is extremely hopeful and excited about the project and really believes that it is going to be an extremely successful one.

Lucia says that if you want to see someone awkward, see a man or a woman that bought leather running shoes for himself/herself. Lucia says that only an idiot will buy a leather-made running shoes but unfortunately, she has been seeing more and more of those recently when she goes out to jog in a nearby park.

Lucia tried her hand in creating and running a clothing retail chain as well but she had to shut it down due to not being able find friendly staff and this was making her clothing chain receive negative feedback all the time on the internet.

Lucia’s company also exports their clothes to the other countries as well where the importer is completely free to relabel those.

Lucia also made a great attempt in selling clothes and shoes online but failed. Now she is determined to make another attempt by the end of the financial year 2020 and succeed. She says that there is no going back for her this time.

Lucia is married to a dermatologist whose name is Sebastian who also happens to be a popular conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed political analyst. He attributes his genius to regularly availing sensual massage Cape Town and says that his wife is very well familiar of his addiction to beautiful tantric goddesses.

Sebastian claims to have been analyzing the new Indian BJP government that overtook the power in the year 2014 and won the elections again this year. Sebastian claims that the nation called India has undergone several negative changes since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power and it doesn’t seem to change.

Sebastian claims that the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi and the intelligence agency of India – RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) are planning take over Yemen to piss off the Muslims and they are going to be aided by MI6, Mossad and CIA. Sebastian says that sometimes he doubts that the current Indian government is a puppet of the international powers that rule the United States and the whole of Western Europe.

Sebastian accuses the American media mogul – Rupert Murdoch of being the greatest player in the fake news websites scene. Sebastian claims that Rupert Murdoch spends anywhere between 20-40 million US Dollars per year to get these fake news websites created and promoted and his budget only seems to grow with time and there is no stopping him until and unless more awareness is created against his evil intentions.

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