Gambling brings good luck and that’s the reason why they gamble during the festival of Diwali in India

Donald Griffith is an Indonesian businessman of Welsh origin who recently lost a lot of money with Forex trading online with bitcoins. Donald was making a lot of money with Forex trading online with bitcoins but one day while drunk, he lost his bitcoin wallet’s password and after some months of losing the bitcoins, he decided to contact what he believed was the best bitcoin recovery company only to come to the conclusion later on that no decryption service can help you recall part of your password; It is a way of the bluffmasters to get away with your hard-earned money.

Donald is a conspiracy theorist as well who claims that the Indian guru – OSHO aka Bhagwan Rajneesh was a communist agent deployed by the socialist India and the communist USSR to the USA. Donald says that after he couldn’t work on the plan designed by the USSR and India to destroy the USA appropriately due to his sex and drug addiction, he was killed by the government of India on the orders of the USSR in an extremely dramatic manner. Donald claims that OSHO’s mother knew about it all but they threatened that they will kill the rest of the family as well if she does a thing about it.

Donald claims that it was the plan of the USA that the Pakistan conducts nuclear explosions in the Chagai Hills of the Balochistan Province so that the ‘Free Balochistan Movement’ could be strengthened out. Donald claims that the USA warned the nation of Pakistan that if they don’t do as they say, they might even blow up Pakistan with their nuclear weapons or at least stop providing them funds. Donald says that Pakistan couldn’t afford any of it and hence they had to bow down to the demands of the USA.

Donald claims that gambling, be it online or in real life, only brings good luck to the player and that’s the reason why they gamble in India during the festival of Diwali. Donald is very proud of the fact that he knows almost each and every Football Gambling Agent (Agen Judi Bola) that is out there.

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