Multi-cuisine restaurant owner got tired of running a restaurant and invested some money in Forex trading only to lose it to some bum but finally got it back

Drew Taylor owns a very popular Multi-cuisine restaurant on a very prominent street of Hialeah, Florida. Drew very proudly says that almost all the multi-cuisine restaurants claim to be the best but very few are able to deliver on their promise and although he himself never claims that his multi-cuisine restaurant is the best, all the regular eaters of his restaurant say so.

Drew says that it is funny how the customers (eaters) at multi-cuisine restaurants now seek self-service restaurants more than ever before. Drew says that waiters used to serve at his restaurant until he found out that he could make a lot more money if he provided self-service. Drew says that he is not sure whether the case is the same with single-cuisine restaurants as well and he also says that he couldn’t care less as he never plans to open a single-cuisine restaurant.

Drew bluntly says that the enthusiasm of a restaurant owner declines with the age of the restaurant and hence it is always best to dine in at a the newest decent appearing restaurant possible. Drew admits that he believes that he has lost the enthusiasm to run the restaurant over time and hence, instead of opening new branches of his restaurant, he has been looking for ways to invest his money somewhere else like about 9 months ago, he invested all his savings with a Forex trading company that tried to run away with his money but fortunately enough, one of Drew’s cousins is a bitcoin trader who showed him the right way to get his bitcoins back. Drew’s cousin hired a company named Assured Recover for him that really helped Drew recover lost bitcoins of his for a very meager fee.

Drew says that he cannot thank Assured Recover with words enough and he has been campaigning and promoting Assured Recover online for free ever since.

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