This author from Changwon loves learning new languages, cultures, religions and betting on Toto websites

Harper Nea is a South Korean author from the city of Changwon. Harper loves learning new languages and she recently completed learning Hebrew. Harper learnt the Hindi language about 2 years ago. As much as Harper loves learning new languages, Toto site (토토사이트), and sex, she loves reading different religious texts and scriptures as well.

Harper recently completed writing this book about the similarities between Hinduism and Judaism after reading both their texts and scriptures in which she writes that the notion that Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world is a completely false one. She writes that Judaism is the oldest organized religion of the world and before finding Judaism, the ancestors of the Jews of today used to worship several different Pagan gods and idols just like they did in most other tribes around the world.

Harper claims that the different Hindu tribes belonging to different origins used to worship different Hindu gods and they had almost no connection with other tribes until Kings like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka and the Gupta Empire came into power. Harper writes that these emperors wanted to unite the people and they paid the priests of their empires enormous money to do so and the priests did the job of constructing these mythologies that turned each of the Hindu god into a relative of another and that was the birth of the modern day Hinduism which is certainly not the oldest religion in the world as the greatest priest and sage responsible for constructing these stories took birth somewhere around 1500 years ago and not 5000.

Harper writes that the concept of monotheism in India came through the Abraham’s scrolls which were brought about in India through the lost tribes of Israel disguised as Kashmiri Pandits.

Chef, dancer, choreographer and blogger from Sa Pa believes that the Indians love Bitcoin Gambling as much as their Vietnamese counterparts

Ashley Dong is a chef, dancer, choreographer and blogger who believes that they are selling some of the unhealthiest and plain pizzas in India and that’s the reason why Ashley wants to create some of the healthiest and delicious pizzas for the Indian market. Ashley says that the Indians don’t like the pizzas that they do in Vietnam and she has some innovative ideas about what the Indians may like.

Ashley says that there is one thing that the Indians like as much as the Vietnamese do and it is called Bitcoin Gambling. Ashley claims to have won hundreds of bitcoins in a short while with Bitcoin Gambling and she says that she won’t be surprised if she wins double the amount of what she has already won within the coming same time period.

About choreography, Ashley says that there is no denying that one of things that Bollywood and India is great at is dancing and choreography. Ashley says that Hinduism is one of the very few religions that instead of talking against dance, preaches for it and many of their gods including the greatest of them all – Mahadeva (Super God in English) is a dancer as well.

Ashley further says that the people have got so bored of the Bollywood dance numbers to the extent that they get bored, anxious or angry the moment they hear the word ‘Bollywood’.

On her blog, Ashley has warned multiple times to not trust the choreographers that do charity just to flaunt the same on their websites and/or other places. Ashley says that the real charity begins at your home and for a choreographer, it begins at their studio and if one choreographer wants to do charity, then he/she must become unbeatable at their work, which for Ashley requires a lot of effort and a person who is determined to do so cannot waste enough time bragging about their charity everywhere.

Indonesian author believes that god tests her each time she is about to win a bet online

Barbaros Oguzoglu is an Indonesian author and blogger who recently completed writing a book on the life of St Augustine of Hippo.

I have read the book and I am going to write some excerpts from the same here. In her book, Barbaros mentions that there is no denying that St Augustine of Hippo was the greatest Pre-Modern psychologist.

In her book, Barbaros claims that as a young man, Augustine of Hippo had a habit of refusing to do whatever his parents asked him for and that’s the reason why he was drawn to Manichaeism and Neoplatonism. Barbaros says that Augustine of Hippo was never enchanted towards these two religions but he only followed these out of his habit of refusing to follow what his parents asked, especially his mother. Barbaros also adds that he loved his mother extraordinarily nevertheless.

Barbaros has also mentioned that there is a great possibility that Augustine’s mother had some Roman blood in her although there is no mention of it anywhere in any book.

Barbaros also referred to Augustine’s mother – Saint Monica as one of the greatest missionaries ever because although she wasn’t able to convert a large number of human beings to Christianity but her son alone proved to be an entire army after his conversion if not more.

Barbaros personally believes that the sack of Rome by Visigoths in the year 410 was a test by the god to see how committed and dedicated the Romans were towards the Christian religion, just like god tests Barbaros each day she is about to win a great deal of money with trusted pokerqq websites by trying to deviate her from betting that day.

Tangerang bookstore owner loves betting sites as much as she does books

Dilar Akyol owns a very popular book store in the city of Tangerang in Indonesia. Dilar has an even popular blog dedicated to her book store which she updates every fifth day.

On her book, Dilar says that it is not hidden from anybody that some book stores have really become landmarks within their neighborhood, she says that she wants to create a book store so big that it becomes a landmark for the entire Tangerang city.

Dilar writes that gone are the days when a book store owner could reply harshly to a negative comment on Trustpilot and get away with it, now the customers are so demanding that they take into consideration each and everything about you, including how you replied to somebody who used your products/services once and no matter how rude your customer gets with you, you ought not be the same or you are finished. Dilar writes that it is worst for the online businesses.

Dilar writes that if you have an average bookstore than you can expect nothing but average sales at maximum.

Dilar says that gone are the days when you could charge premium for a book and get away with it. Nowadays, the customers are so smart, they will leave a negative feedback if you do that. Dilar claims that you have to charge the least possible while providing the best service possible as well.

Dilar writes that since the advent of the internet, people aren’t interested in reading their local authors as much as they do the international ones. Dilar says that she understood it very early and that’s one of the reasons behind her bookstore’s extraordinary success.

Dilar encourages her customers to bet online and she has a list of most trusted betting websites (Agen Sbobet Terpercaya) pasted on one of the walls of her bookstore as well.

This online marketer is an everyday gambler and his girlfriend has no issues with it

Mark Landrebe inherited a Limo rental service from his parents after they decided that they have got too old to manage the same and the time for them has come that they ought to retire. After only 2 years of Mark taking charge of the business, it went bankrupt and Mark was forced to do petty jobs. After a few years of working at odd jobs, Mark came in touch with an internet marketeer for whom Mark worked for a while and then started his own business that sells Instagram, Facebook and Twitter related services on his website. Mark says that he will stop selling these unethical services once he gets enough money to have his own brick and mortar store chain for selling toys.

Mark has been dating this Muslim lady for a while through whom Mark has learnt a lot about the pious religion of Islam. Mark recently wrote a free eBook on the life of his 2 Islamic heroes – Ali and Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi.

In his book, Mark says that there is still controversy on the death of Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, some say that he was killed by the religious extremists for making statements against Islam while some say that he died due to health issues. Mark says that one thing is for sure that although it has been over a thousand years since Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi left his body but he still lives in heart of each of the persons that has read about him.

Mark says that his Muslim girlfriend is completely okay with his hobby of using trusted online card gambling site (Situs permainan judi kartu online terpercaya) each night.

Book store owner from Batam claims that selling books was never as tough before

Melek Batuk owns a very popular book store cum cafe cum library in Batam, Indonesia who claims that only having a large collection of books and novels in both national and international languages is not enough for a book store anymore. Melek says that a book shop owner has to care as much about the cafe in his book store if not more as he does about the books in it.

Melek also claims that a book store owner is required to be both aware about the books that he sells along with being passionate about the trade.

Melek says that no matter what, he will never keep board games in his book store. Melek says that most of his ‘true’ competitors have board games at their book stores but Melek couldn’t care less. He believes that keeping board games in a book store is unprofessional and unethical and he will never do something which is both unethical and unprofessional with his beloved trade that he inherited from his ancestors.

Melek has always had a love-hate relationship with the customers that come primarily for tea and cake to his book store. Melek says that they don’t appreciate the books as much as they appreciate the tea and the cake and that’s why he feels such pity for them all.

Melek claims that tea is gaining more popularity among the book lovers and coffee is seeing reduced popularity among the books lovers with each day.

Melek claims that he wins enough money with regularly betting on Bandar Judi Online that is enough for the renovation and other innovations, experiments and new offerings on his store. Melek doesn’t consider betting bad at all and he says that he is going to give all the knowledge he has about betting to his sons once they grow up.

North Sumatra SEO company owner jokes that BandarQ makes him more money than selling email marketing services

Richard Chaves owns one of the most popular agencies in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia. Although Richard has over 100 employees at his company including many writers, he still prefers to write the posts on his blog personally and Richard is really great at it as most of the posts on his blog are nothing but extremely interesting and knowledgeable. You may even call Richard’s blog the nectar of SEO knowledge.

Richard says that until the financial year 2017, it was only the SEO agencies from the Indian subcontinent that pretended to be in the European or United Stats with their VOIP numbers but now the opposite is also taking place. Richard claims that the SEO agencies from the Indian subcontinent have gained a reputation for providing very cheap services and that’s why many US and European based SEO experts are now pretending as they are from the Indian subcontinent in order to get as much drops of the ocean – the ocean that the SEO experts from the Indian subcontinent have created by making people believe that nobody can do it better than them at the price equivalent or cheaper and the so-called experts from other countries are nothing but resellers.

Richard says that it is a pity that with so many email hosting and email marketing services on offer on the Google, they do not ask for such services from the SEO agencies anymore. Richard likes to joke that his company used to make more money with selling email hosting and email marketing services than he personally does with Agen bandarq.

Jani Oiva could start her own toy store with the help of this reliable AgenQQ

Jani Oiva is the mother of a 5 year old and a toy store owner. There is a reason why I introduced Jani as the mother of a 5 year old before mentioning that she is a toy store owner. Before Jani gave birth to this child of hers, she used to be a HR Executive at an IT firm but her little one really changed her mind and for the first time, she decided to have her own business and that too related to the toys.

Jani has been maintaining a very beautiful and interesting blog dedicated to her store, the toy industry and the future of it since the very first day of inaugurating this business of hers. On her blog, Jani writes that Japanese anime toys were never so popular before worldwide and especially, the Indonesian market before, thanks to the growing anime culture in the cartoons, video games and Youtube.

On her blog, Jani claims that one of the greatest blunders that you can commit as a toy store owner is to forget about the adults/parents while making your store a fun experience for the kids. Jani says that along with being amusement time for a kid, it is also amusement time for the parents when they go out to buy toys for their kids.

Jani claims to have a secret that will bring about a revolution in the world of toy industry. She says that she needs a lot of funding to turn into reality and it will need a lot of money being spent on its promotion. Jani says that the secret is going to remain a secret until and unless she is featured in the Indonesian version of the Shark Tank.

Jani didn’t work for 2 complete long years during the time of giving birth to her young one and she says that it was only AgenQQ that helped her back then.

SBOBet Agent learnt Spanish from Jakarta School in the pursuit of expanding his business

Adnan Pangestu owns and runs a Spanish language school in a plush neighborhood of East Jakarta. Adnan has a very popular and well-maintained blog on the official website of his Spanish language school where he regularly posts interesting stuff.

On his school’s blog, Adnan says that it is amazing to see so many teachers from Non-Hispanic background (ethnicity and community) speaking better Spanish than their Hispanic counterparts and they are really passionate about the language as well. Adnan adds that most of the teachers at his school are Non-Hispanic.

Adnan says that what is more surprising is that even people that are already fluent in reading, speaking and writing the Spanish language come to his school to improve their command in the language. Adnan says that it sounds normal for a school in the Spain or a Latin country and even Florida, US but it really makes him proud to have a Spanish school in Indonesia where native Spanish speakers come to improve their command in their mother tongue.

Adnan also finds some things extremely annoying and one of those are overly caring parents. Adnan says that no matter how much care their children receive, these parents are never satisfied, Adnan says that it is a good thing on one side but extremely annoying on the other.

Adnan claims that more Indonesian parents are admitting their kids to the language schools than ever before. Adnan says that the Indonesian parents are not anymore satisfied with their kids being bilingual, they want to see them become trilingual instead.

Adnan even didn’t hesitate to write on his blog the story of a SBOBet Agent (Agen sbobet) who learnt the Spanish language from Adnan in order to expand his business and was extremely frank with Adnan about his business pursuits and Adnan was appreciative of his efforts as well.

Bandung Poker girl is a Pro-Marxist and a Che Guevara lover

Kari Anderson owns a popular ice cream shop in the Bandung city of Indonesia. Kari is a blogger as well and lately she has been writing a lot of posts in favor of Marxism and she claims to be one of the biggest fans of Che Guevara in Indonesia.

Kari believes that if Che Guevara didn’t acquire the position of Finance Minister and President of the National Bank, he wouldn’t have been killed by the CIA as becoming Finance Minister and President of the National Bank brought him into the greatest limelight of his life and that was the moment when CIA realized that if this man could achieve so much at such a young age, he can be extremely dangerous to the capitalistic countries, especially the USA. In short, Kari says that what made Che reach the Zenith of his life, made him the most feared person by some and proved to be the reason for his death.

Kari says that there is no denying that it was long ago predicted that communism and socialism both will not be able to survive as they go against the human nature but if there were neither of these, capitalism couldn’t have survived either as a lot of ideas in the capitalism have been stolen from the socialism and communism.

Kari also claims that Che Guevara was highly critical of the formation of the nation of Pakistan but she has never heard or read anybody mentioning it.

Kari claims that the USSR criticizing the death of Che Guevara was not for the love and respect for Che but for the hatred against the USA.

When Kari is not eating, sleeping, blogging, managing her ice cream shop, she can often be found betting on a trusted poker website (Situs Poker Terpercaya)

Cape Town is the most underrated heaven on earth according to this dermatologist and his wife

Lucia Sanborn inherited a very successful shoe and clothing manufacturing company from her father after he died back in the year 2011.

Lucia recently came into an alliance with one of the topmost fashion designers in her nation in order to create some of the most stylish woolen shoes for the babies and kids below 4 years of age. Lucia is extremely hopeful and excited about the project and really believes that it is going to be an extremely successful one.

Lucia says that if you want to see someone awkward, see a man or a woman that bought leather running shoes for himself/herself. Lucia says that only an idiot will buy a leather-made running shoes but unfortunately, she has been seeing more and more of those recently when she goes out to jog in a nearby park.

Lucia tried her hand in creating and running a clothing retail chain as well but she had to shut it down due to not being able find friendly staff and this was making her clothing chain receive negative feedback all the time on the internet.

Lucia’s company also exports their clothes to the other countries as well where the importer is completely free to relabel those.

Lucia also made a great attempt in selling clothes and shoes online but failed. Now she is determined to make another attempt by the end of the financial year 2020 and succeed. She says that there is no going back for her this time.

Lucia is married to a dermatologist whose name is Sebastian who also happens to be a popular conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed political analyst. He attributes his genius to regularly availing sensual massage Cape Town and says that his wife is very well familiar of his addiction to beautiful tantric goddesses.

Sebastian claims to have been analyzing the new Indian BJP government that overtook the power in the year 2014 and won the elections again this year. Sebastian claims that the nation called India has undergone several negative changes since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power and it doesn’t seem to change.

Sebastian claims that the Indian Prime Minister – Narendra Modi and the intelligence agency of India – RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) are planning take over Yemen to piss off the Muslims and they are going to be aided by MI6, Mossad and CIA. Sebastian says that sometimes he doubts that the current Indian government is a puppet of the international powers that rule the United States and the whole of Western Europe.

Sebastian accuses the American media mogul – Rupert Murdoch of being the greatest player in the fake news websites scene. Sebastian claims that Rupert Murdoch spends anywhere between 20-40 million US Dollars per year to get these fake news websites created and promoted and his budget only seems to grow with time and there is no stopping him until and unless more awareness is created against his evil intentions.

Podiatrist advises his ex-athlete patients to bet on UFABet to keep themselves entertained

Richard Morrisson is a Podiatrist who has been practicing in the city of Pak Kret for the past 16 years now and within these 16 years, Richard has earned a lot of fame and money simultaneously.

On his clinic’s official website, Richard claims that about 75% of the cases that come to him are for the sports injury. On his blog Richard claims that the athletes have been getting more injured than ever before since their porn use has got higher and there need to be more studies done on how the porn usage has been affecting the health of the athletes, especially the health of their feet.

Richard says that there also need to be more studies done on what is causing an increase in the cases of ingrown toenails. Richard doubts that it has something to do with the intake of chemical health supplements and caffeine in the soda.

Richard’s clinic manufactures custom-made orthopedic footwear as well.

Richard claims that the low-level laser therapy for heel pain works wonder, they just need to figure out a way to eliminate all its side effects.

Richard works with several different insurance companies and health plans and he claims that he does so in order to benefit his patients only.

Richard claims that he only believes in using the highest definition latest technology and he advises everyone on his blog that they should never go for a podiatrist that doesn’t.

It was back in the year 2014 when Richard started providing free advice on the blog of his official website and Youtube videos and he has never looked back. He says that he aims to expand his efforts and to his patients that used to be athletes once but cannot indulge in those activities anymore, he advises to gamble on UFAbet as a form of entertainment. Richard claims that over the years, none of his patients ever lost money betting on UFABet in the long term.

Richard was also the first podiatrist to have his own line of compression stockings in the city and one of the first in the Nonthaburi province.

Gambling brings good luck and that’s the reason why they gamble during the festival of Diwali in India

Donald Griffith is an Indonesian businessman of Welsh origin who recently lost a lot of money with Forex trading online with bitcoins. Donald was making a lot of money with Forex trading online with bitcoins but one day while drunk, he lost his bitcoin wallet’s password and after some months of losing the bitcoins, he decided to contact what he believed was the best bitcoin recovery company only to come to the conclusion later on that no decryption service can help you recall part of your password; It is a way of the bluffmasters to get away with your hard-earned money.

Donald is a conspiracy theorist as well who claims that the Indian guru – OSHO aka Bhagwan Rajneesh was a communist agent deployed by the socialist India and the communist USSR to the USA. Donald says that after he couldn’t work on the plan designed by the USSR and India to destroy the USA appropriately due to his sex and drug addiction, he was killed by the government of India on the orders of the USSR in an extremely dramatic manner. Donald claims that OSHO’s mother knew about it all but they threatened that they will kill the rest of the family as well if she does a thing about it.

Donald claims that it was the plan of the USA that the Pakistan conducts nuclear explosions in the Chagai Hills of the Balochistan Province so that the ‘Free Balochistan Movement’ could be strengthened out. Donald claims that the USA warned the nation of Pakistan that if they don’t do as they say, they might even blow up Pakistan with their nuclear weapons or at least stop providing them funds. Donald says that Pakistan couldn’t afford any of it and hence they had to bow down to the demands of the USA.

Donald claims that gambling, be it online or in real life, only brings good luck to the player and that’s the reason why they gamble in India during the festival of Diwali. Donald is very proud of the fact that he knows almost each and every Football Gambling Agent (Agen Judi Bola) that is out there.

Multi-cuisine restaurant owner got tired of running a restaurant and invested some money in Forex trading only to lose it to some bum but finally got it back

Drew Taylor owns a very popular Multi-cuisine restaurant on a very prominent street of Hialeah, Florida. Drew very proudly says that almost all the multi-cuisine restaurants claim to be the best but very few are able to deliver on their promise and although he himself never claims that his multi-cuisine restaurant is the best, all the regular eaters of his restaurant say so.

Drew says that it is funny how the customers (eaters) at multi-cuisine restaurants now seek self-service restaurants more than ever before. Drew says that waiters used to serve at his restaurant until he found out that he could make a lot more money if he provided self-service. Drew says that he is not sure whether the case is the same with single-cuisine restaurants as well and he also says that he couldn’t care less as he never plans to open a single-cuisine restaurant.

Drew bluntly says that the enthusiasm of a restaurant owner declines with the age of the restaurant and hence it is always best to dine in at a the newest decent appearing restaurant possible. Drew admits that he believes that he has lost the enthusiasm to run the restaurant over time and hence, instead of opening new branches of his restaurant, he has been looking for ways to invest his money somewhere else like about 9 months ago, he invested all his savings with a Forex trading company that tried to run away with his money but fortunately enough, one of Drew’s cousins is a bitcoin trader who showed him the right way to get his bitcoins back. Drew’s cousin hired a company named Assured Recover for him that really helped Drew recover lost bitcoins of his for a very meager fee.

Drew says that he cannot thank Assured Recover with words enough and he has been campaigning and promoting Assured Recover online for free ever since.