A good dermatologist, empathy and online baccarat go together

Looking at Carson Shoemate’s name, it looks like he is some shoemaker but he is not, he is a very popular dermatologist from the city of Pattaya in Thailand who believes that a good dermatologist and empathy go together. Although in Carson’s case, a good dermatologist, empathy and online baccarat (บาคาร่า) have been going very well together. Carson plays the game of baccarat online for at least 2-3 hours a day and he claims that it is his lucky charm.

Carson has a very interesting blog attached on the official website of his practice as well where he regularly posts interesting opinions of his. Like Carson claims that some women go through breast implants just because their best friend too has and according to Carson, this is one of the stupidest decisions that a woman can make. Carson doesn’t hesitate to say that a breast implant comes with a lot of complications and it is costly as well.

Carson says that there was a time when Seborrheic Keratoses were considered completely natural but today, even a single one of those warts is enough to put the victim into a state of depression and anxiety.

Carson also says that it is stupid to go through a breast augmentation for your boyfriend but wise to go through the same if your spouse demands it to nurture your relationship and excitement in the bedroom.

Carson says that if you need breast augmentation just to boost your self-confidence then you are definitely going to regret it as something else that comes with breast augmentation is going to steal your self-confidence even further.

Carson believes that there need to be more studies done on the effects of coffee and caffeine on the human skin as he believes that the studies available are not adequate, biased and inappropriate.

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