Event planner from Jinju is pro-sport betting and anti-relative

Gemma Soon is an event planner from the city of Jinju in South Korea. Gemma believes that sometimes low budget events are more fun and engaging if planned by the right person or people.

Gemma only plans one-day events as she wants to maintain a reputation for specialty and exclusivity. Gemma doesn’t attend national tours or related functions ever.

Gemma is a blogger as well and she posts about almost everything, from sport betting (먹튀) to politics but Gemma claims that she loves to post personal stuff more than anything else.

Gemma says that once a relative of hers whom she doesn’t like at all and avoids meeting as well asked her “What is the secret behind your facial glow and growing beauty?” To which Gemma replied “It is all due to staying away from you as much as possible”. After hearing this Gemma’s relative threw the soft drink that she was drinking while talking to Gemma on her face.

Gemma recently made a trip to India where she meditated on a highway as she was told by a local sadhu. This sadhu told Gemma that a particular location on that highway is where hundreds of ancient rishis meditated and got enlightenment and she can attain the same as well if she does it regularly. Gemma only did it once on that highway and she claims that this place is really blessed with positive vibes and luck although she is not certain about the enlightenment stuff. It was the evening time when she meditated there.

Gemma says that there were very few plush neighborhoods in the city that she was staying at in India and eve-teasers also known as lady chasers from across the city used to hang around in those plush neighborhoods to chase girls.

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