Full-time online gambler wants to have a motel chain dedicated to coffee lovers

Mony Tok is full-time online gambler who has been winning so much of money with the help of a reliable football gambling agent (Agen Bola) that she has been considering finding a motel chain of her own.

Mony claims that her motel will be a far distinctive one as it will mainly be focused on the coffee lovers like herself. Mony says that the name of her motel chain will be something that will clearly indicate that they have coffee makers in each and every room of the motel and the motel is clearly focused on serving coffee lovers the best.

Mony says that it is a pity that most motels nowadays are focused more on providing fancy stuff in the room than maintaining cleanliness. Mony says that they are adding more stuff like microwave, fridge, etc to their rooms and increasing the rent which is stupid. Mony believes that the guests that are willing to pay an extra buck would rather go for a hotel than motel and adding fancy accessories to a motel room and increasing its rent is really disgusting.

Mony’s grandfather used to be in politics in his college years, he really could have become a big player in politics but he met a car accident while still in college and that destroyed his career.

Mony claims that she has the secret information that the nation of Tajikistan is building the largest and the best ever greenhouses so that it doesn’t have to import food anymore but rather export it.

Mony recently went to an Indian cinema of her city only to find popcorn, snacks and cold drinks on the seat. Mony says that there is no way that she is going to an Indian cinema ever again.

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