Ultrasonic Device manufacturer is a conspiracy theorist and Pasar QQ lover

Kolab Pok has been involved in the business of manufacturing ultrasonic devices for over a decade now and more than her ultrasonic devices, she is interested in the politics and conspiracies and that’s the reason why she is going to be the second conspiracy theorist to be interviewed by London Real’s founder – Brian Rose in the coming August of this year.

Kolab claims to have studied the history and culture of the Indian subcontinent thoroughly and she claims that the popular book – Shahabnama by Qudrat Ullah Shahab was a conspiracy against the nation called Pakistan funded by India.

Kolab claims that the most popular Kashmir separatist – Yasin Malik is an Israeli agent who has been hired in order to divide Kashmir into 3 regions – Azad Kashmir, Indian Kashmir and the Republic of Kashmir. Kolab claims that the Israel will claim that the Republic of Kashmir belongs to them as there is a widespread notion nowadays that the Kashmiri people of India are in reality the Lost Tribes of Israel. Kolab claims that most of the European nations, India and the United States of America are going to back up Israel in this regard and the Republic of Kashmir will then turn into the Republic of Kosher and this Republic of Kosher will then be used thoroughly for the containment of the Republic of China.

Kolab speaks a bit of Urdu and Hindi and she claims that anybody who is well versed in these languages and has an internet connection is aware of the fact that some Chinese business people that have settled in Pakistan in order to run their businesses have been committing atrocities against the Pakistanis and their religion – Islam. Kolab claims that these Chinese businesspersons in reality are RAW agents that are being paid heavy amounts by the Indian secret agency RAW to do the same so that the relationship between the Republic of China and Pakistan spoils and so the economy of both these countries.

Kolab says that he is a gambler before he is a conspiracy theorist and that’s why he is one of the most regular betters at pasarqq

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