SEO expert from Rayong has turned several of her clients go full time gamblers

Aom Valin is a SEO expert from the city of Rayong in Thailand.

Aom says that she is happy that the Google Adwords click fraud costs more to the ones involved in committing click fraud than their victim as tons of tools are required in order to commit the same.

Aom claims that 1 out 100 work-from-home advertisements on the internet are for the click fraud jobs and there is no future for the ones involved in working at such a job.

Aom likes to joke that a business should never hire an Indian SEO individual business as they are more troubled with the myths about their religion than the SEO myths.

Aom claims that Press Releases have always been some of the most underrated SEO tactics but they are more underrated than ever before since the dawn of the financial year 2010. Aom claims that not only do the backlinks with decent Press Release websites increase your search engine rankings but they increase the Moz and Majestic metrics of your website as well.

Aom claims that the Bing Image Search will soon take over the Google Image Search when it comes to the number of the searches conducted per month.

Aom claims to have a solution for holdback in site rankings along with several other things. Aom claims that she can rank the subpages of a website within less than a week that is on a holdback by the search engines but the homepage will still suffer holdback. Aom says that it is one of the reasons why she personally emphasizes so much on the rankings of the subpages.

Aom claims that she has made lives of hundreds of people so easy with her SEO services that they don’t have to worry at all about the SEO or other internet marketing tactics, all that they do is sip their favorite cocktail/mocktail and bet on sbobetsc all day all night long.

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